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Emerald SpiralEmerald Spiral

Female Rjurik Druid 6/Ranger 3/Scout 3
High Druid of the Giantdowns
Lineage of minor nobility
Minor bloodline of Reynir, 15
Alignment Medium Humanoid

Abilities: Str 8, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 13
Wound 15, Vitality 59
Special Abilities: Enhanced Sense (minor)
Feats: Mark of the Fey, Dodge, Nature Sense, Animal Companion, Skill Focus (Herbalism), Combat Casting, Woodland Stride, Ranged Fighting, Track (+4), Trackless Step, Craft Charm, Resist Nature's Lure, Favored Enemy (Orog), Forge Bond, Wild Shape 2/day, Emnity, Rebuke Spirits
Skills: Animal Empathy 4, Concentration 10, Craft (Woodworking) 7, Diplomacy 2, Hide 2, Handle Animal 3, Heal 10, Hide 2, Intuit Direction 10, Jump 1, Listen 1, Knowledge (Nature) 6, Knowledge (Religion) 10, Profession (Herbalist) 7+3, Profession (Carpenter) 5, Move Silently 1, Ride 2, Scry 1, Search 1, Spellcraft 1, Spot 2, Swim 1, Wilderness Lore 9

Kalla HogbyKalla Hogby

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Kalla Hogby is the sister of the late Lord of Hogby, Brego Hogby. Her nephew Svafnir Hogby is now Lord. Long ago Kalla left Hogby and Stjordvik for the uncivilized lands of the Giantdowns. She has wandered for two generations around Stjordvik, Dhoesone, the Giantdowns, and even Tuarhievel, Lluabraight, and the Blood Skull Barony have been wandered by Kalla. She would have been content to wander her whole life without ever ruling a temple, but Midjar Olthrugaard, the former High Druid, named her as his successor.

Cunedda Andersson, Kalla's father was High Druid of Stjordvik for the Emerald Spiral. His wife inherited the lordship of Hogby after the death of her brother, Holt, against the Blood Skullers. Cunedda had two children, Munin and Kalla. Both pursued the life of service to Erik. Munin Hogby stayed in Hogby and governed as lord, though he became a druid of notable influence. Kalla wandered the land. Though raised according to the teachings of the Emerald Spiral, Kalla did not show any political affiliations until succeeding Midjar as High Druid in the Giantdowns. She worshiped Erik and respected the temple, but acted independently. She simply roamed the land bringing comfort to Rjurik people where she found them. Over time she spent more and more time in the Giantdowns. She did return to Stjordvik briefly a couple of years ago to mark the sad occasion of her brother's death. There she urged the young Svafnir to seek a sacred life rather than commit himself to secular lordship.

Now a middle-aged but still active woman, she has allied herself with the growing Emerald Spiral holdings in the area - primarily in Vjelthelma. But Kalla has never been one to settle down. Such is herparticular doom. She often leaves her acolytes and Erik's faithful in Vjelthelma and Midjarna to wander the whole of the Downs. People in all the provinces, and even eastern Dhoesone, recognize her by her long graying yellow hair and tan weathered skin.

She is happy to see people come into the Downs as long as they remain true to the traditional life-ways of the Rjurik, hunting, herding, foraging, and limiting their agriculture to a minor supplement. She takes no pleasure in the permanent villages of Midjarna and even the Thorsen Homestead in Vjelthelma is too much town for her.
For the time being she does not oppose Hogrun Njalsson and Anneke Sturmdotter, and protects their communities with her magic, but Kalla believes that Hogrun's military preparations, and Anneke's commitment to a developed social order will turn the Downs into a realm no more traditionally Rjurik than Dhoesone.

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