The garradalaighs (ga-ROD-a-lays) are creatures of myth and mystery, singular beings who are said to grant boons to wizards. The legends vary on whether they were companions, servants, or minions of the gods, but all agree that the garradalaighs are beings of tremendous power and antiquity.
The mysterious garradalaigh appears only to a magic user who fervently embraces the path of magic. They walk with the wizard, teaching him or her secrets and skills in return for potions or other magical items, which they are said to either horde or consume (depending on which version one hears).


Little is known about the history of the garradalaigh race, only that legends of them date back the earliest days of the elven civilization. Some believe that they were servants of the Old Gods, especially Vorynn but more knowledgeable scholars usually postulate that they were the spontaneous creations of Mebhaighl, springing to life in a manner similar to the elves. This would explain their apparent immortality and close connection to the magical arts.
While they certainly have a history of their own, the garradalaigh appear only sporadically through the recorded histories of Cerilia. Most elves believe that it was the garradalaigh that taught their first sorcerers how to channel and shape mebhaighl and many of the greatest sorcerers in elven history were trained by these creatures. Garradalaighs have been appearing to humans only since Deismaar and then rarely. Truly, if old tales are to be believed, their interactions with both humans and elves have become increasingly rare over the passage of centuries.


Each garradalaigh is unique in physical form, ranging from the pixy-winged tree frog body of Cabhaigh to the man-sized bipedal kangaroo-like Daegandal.

[top]Habitat and Society

Except when dealing with a spellcaster, the garradalaigh tend to be solitary creatures. Each travels on its own and most live in a particular part of Cerilia, far from the others. Whether they interact with one another or if the category 'garradalaigh' is largely a construct of the students of these creatures is unknown. Each garradalaigh has a particular habitat in which it prefers to dwell; there are believed to be no Shadow World garradalaigh. The garradaleigh tend to prefer the wild places of Cerilia, where they can avoid notice and are exposed to high amounts of mebhaighl. One scholarly theory claims that no garradaleigh has been encountered in a province with less than a level 6 in source potential. While this may be a bit far-fetched, proponents point out the lack of Anuirean garradalaigh as evidence.


While there are believed to be no evil garradalaigh, their alignments range from lawful neutral to chaotic good. In general they tend to be benign, even benevolent, creatures.

[top]List of Garradalaigh

Audreeana- (aw-dree-AN-a) A powerful multi-headed patchwork beast, Audreeana is perhaps the most physically impressive (and terrifying) garradalaigh. It is believed to live in the hidden lands on the eastern shore of the Krakennauricht. (Neutral Good)
Breiryn- (BREE-rin) A massive, hooved spider-like beast with a whip-like tail. Nocturnal, Breiryn has a fantastic sense of hearing and is said to live in the Zhaïnge River valley. (Chaotic Good)
Cabhaigh- (ca-VAY) Appearing to be a cross between a huge frog and a dragonfly, Cabhaigh is a deceptively potent combatant because of its powerful sonic attack. Cabhaigh is usually said to live in eastern Khinasi, especially in the jungles. (Lawful Good)
Daegandal- (DAY-gan-doll) Usually said to live in the Taelshore, Daegandal is believed to be the brightest and wisest of the garradalaighs. Appearing like a human-marsupial cross, Daegandal prefers hopping. (Neutral)
Garigal- (ga-REE-jall) Something like a dusky blue armored caterpillar with a snake-like head, Garigal is rumored to live in the swamps between Anuire and Khinasi. (Lawful Neutral)
Rhoeghn- (ROON) Appearing to be an earth-toned human child with green hair and fern-like wings, Rhoeghn is interested primarily in the forests of Coulladaraight and usually appears to elves. (Neutral Good)
Siddwynd- (SITH-wind) The least intelligent of the garradalaighs (but still far brighter than the average human), Siddwynd is an incredibly long lizard with translucent wings and a whip-like tail. An expert communicator it often becomes very close to its companions. It wanders the face of Cerilia, appearing in the legends of all peoples. (Lawful Neutral)
Tualleiaght- (to-ALL-ee-ate) A snake-like creature with a heavily armored body and slightly human-like head. Tualleiaght lives below ground and is primarily a burrower, appearing primarily in the folklore of the Dwarves of the North and the Vos. (Alignment Unknown)


All garradalaigh speak Sidhelien, most also speak other ancient languages of Cerlia including Karamhul, Draconic, Giantish and perhaps a few human or humanoid tongues. Whether the garradalaigh have their own language is a matter of considerable speculation amongst a certain group of esoteric scholars, but there is no hard evidence for one.


The true name of a garradalaigh is a great secret, some sages believe that knowledge of its name gives the speaker power over the creature. The names used today are those of the first wizard that the garradalaigh befriended, inevitably an elf. Originally the garradalaigh would have been called something similar to "The Garradalaigh of Tualleiaght," but as the original companions died out, the moniker "The Garradalaigh of..." became unnecessary.

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