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Michelle Boeruine was the daughter and heir of Anselm Boeruine. In the dangerous world of post-Imperial Anuire, the nobility of Boeruine was uncertain if they should back Michelle or raise up her cousin, Thomas of Fhoruile. The first great challenge came when Rhuobhe Manslayer raided Nietier province. Michelle led the troops herself, assembled her nobles, and faced the Elf in a valley near Seamist Creek. This narrow pass in the shadow of Mount Olympos helped the humans corner the Manslayer's troops and force a battle. Though no elves fell that day, they were forced back into Rhuobhe for a while and the casualties on the human side was lower than it often is in these encounters. After this skirmish in what became known as "Michelle's Pass," the Archduchess had secured her realm and proved to her nobles that she could lead them in troubled times.

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