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The name Thorn Throne actually refers to two things: the living artifact that is the only recognized claim of rulership of Tuarhievel, and the hill upon which it stands. The throne itself was created by Queen Tuar with the aid of a group of dryads, nymphs, sylphs, and sandlings. Some claim it is imbued with precognitive sense that allows it to know whether a regent will be a proper caretaker of Tuarhievel and its people. The more common assumption is that upon the coronation of a new regent the various houses perform a ritual affirming their approval of the new regent. Should someone attempt to sit on the throne who is not recognized by the living artifact as the rightful and suitable ruler of Tuarhievel, the thorns on the back and seat of the chair extend to pierce the individual. Sometimes the throne merely injures pretenders, but it has claimed the lives of at least three elves.
The Thorn Throne perches in a splendid arboretum within the royal palace, at the head of the Unity River. The four races that united to construct the throne each have representatives living in the arboretum. With help from the ruler of Tuarhievel, they ensure that the throne is maintained and healthy. The arboretum serves as the Llywodraeth Cynulliad chamber, and during the winter, it is kept free of snow by servants. In winter, the Thorn Throne is a stark and barren sight, but in summer's full bloom, its beauty leaves humans awestruck and causes the hearts of elves to soar.

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