Vaseil Ravensblood

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by Darren Cooper
17th-level Brecht Abjurer

[top]AD&D 2nd Edition Statistics

Strength: 15

Dexterity: 11

Constitution: 10

Intelligence: 18

Wisdom: 17

Charisma: 10

AC: DM discretion

hp: 42

MV: 12

THAC0: (base) 15

Bloodline: Anduiras, tainted, 14

Blood Abilities: Detect Lie, Bloodmark

Description: Born to a Brecht mother and Anuirean father, Vaesil shars many of his mother's traits. However, his most striking features come from his father's bloodline: raven black hair (all the males of the Ravensblood line have midnight black hair), and vivid emerald green eyes. Vaesil is an implaccabale man, and a perfectionist, and his features are frequently seen with arched eyebrows or a scowl. Combined with his impeccablably manicured black goatee Vaesil is an imposing sight. He is not without a good heart - but he looks down on those around him that don't meet his high expectations.

Vaesil is Constable of the Royal College of Sorcery. Thus his duties are to oversee the defense of the College and its grounds, and the well-being of the Council and the College personnel and students. The Barracks Sergent of the College answers directly to him, and he also oversees the operation of this body. Vaesil is also responsible for overseeing the magical defenses of the City when it is requiered of the College. Lastly, Vaesil is personally responsible for overseeing the protection of the Council members and *their* homes/grounds, although this can be waived with the permission of the individual council member. Vaesil is rather vocal and loud about his opinions in the council meetings, and frequently heated arguments within the council arise from this behaviour. A crusader at heart, Vaesil preaches the need to expand the college and its resources, and return to the prosperity of the College's past. While most council members agree with this, most don't agree with Vaesil's conservative views on how this should be accomplished. Despite these disagreeements, most of the council members are grateful for the drive Vaesil bringt to the College, and the protection his spells bestow upon them.

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