Ansen Colbaer

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by Darren Cooper
19th-level Anuirean Mage (wizard generalist)

[top]AD&D 2nd Edition Statistics

Strength: 12
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 13

AC: DM discretion
hp: 48
MV: 12
THAC0: (base) 15
Bloodline: Brenna, minor, 23
Blood Abilities: Detect Illusion, Enhanced Sense (minor), Protection from Evil

Equipment: Ansen has the resources of the entire College of Sorcery for his use, and therefore has any equipment deemed necessary by the DM, including magical items and spell components.

Description: Ansen is a quite and enigmatic person. He has been a member of the Council for a very long time, and most attendants at the college have no memory of a time when he *wasn't* a part of the Council. Ansen keeps to himself and doesn't talk much, yet he faithfully attends to the duties of his position. Ansen keeps to himself and doesn't talk much, yet he faithfully attends to the duties of his position. He rarely makes appearances at the College, and when he does he usually goes unnoticed except to those he interacts with.

Ansen's role is Treasurer of the College. His primary responabilities involve overseeing the smooth functioning of the College and its lands, and overseeing its treasury. Needless to say, Ansen fills a vital role in the College. Most of the less important work he delegates to his sole apprentice, or one of the lesser servants. Ansom seldom voices his own opinions in council meetings, and usually sides with the decisions most helpful to the college and its coffers. A decidedly independent council member, he rarely interacts with the other members of the college unless his duties require it of him; few people outside of the Council know of him. However, he fiercely protects the interests of the College and will not hesitate to act independantly on behalf of the College when the Council or the Institution is threathened by an outside force.

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