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Community teams » Commentators
This community team is still in development. As we get more members and nominate a leader, this page will be filled out with more info about what we do and how we do it.
If you would like to join, leave a note here!


Team members should give their opinions to agree on formatting conventions and any other topic related to this group on the discussion page associated with this group. It would be helpful if members would note what areas they're familiar with, as far as being able to rewrite an article that needs to be done. It would be good to state the classes and races you've played, areas quested, whether you are familiar with lore or not, whether you're familiar with MediaWiki (such as for tables) and anything else notable.
Team members:
#Sorontar (talk) (contr) active


The primary job of this group is to make pages and projects final-draft quality. This of course includes formatting and perhaps rewriting. This includes scanning through the most popular pages to make sure these fit the form.


As concerns formatting, similar pages should have similar formatting. Take, for example, the herbs. Each article covering an herb should include the template that lists them all. Each should include how it is found, where it is found, and some basic notes covering it. Also covered should be what it is used for.
Templates should also have some continuity to them. For instance, Domain Spell, Domain Action and the like should all have the same basic format, including:
These templates, however, need not be similar to other templates and other boxes that appear on other pages, such as anything including a tooltip. For instance, the box found in Item Template should not necessarily be similar to the ones mentioned above, because it serves no similar purpose. But all pages covering items like so should have similar formatting. This is why we have Tooltipcss, which should be included in any box that has information such as a tooltip would in the game. (See what links to that template.) (At time of writing, there is no template common to the boxes mentioned above–for herbs, metals, etc.–but one can be easily produced.)
Formatting also includes producing tables where it would make information access more convenient. The goal of this group is to ease the reader and make things more legible so that information can be understood well and easily, and to make it look professional.


Sometimes not all of us are capable of rewriting a given article, due to not having played a given character type, or lack of experience in any other way. For this, we can only give guidance or else use what is given to us from what is already here or at another source. If we write based upon another source, the source should be mentioned, if it was not already included here. It can be included at the bottom of the article it pertains to, as an external link.
The job of the commentators group is to, well, comment on what pages for which comments are requested. In some cases this will involve a complete rewrite of a section or an entire article. Again, this is for the sake of readability, so as to not break up the reader's attention.

[top]List of pages and projects that should be worked on

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