The Flight from the Shadow

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Five tribes fled the growing power of Azrai, the shadow in Aduria to the perceived safety of Cerilia. The Andu (ancestors of the Anuireans), the Brecht (who now live in Brechtür), The Masetians (now subsumed by the Basarji and known as the Khinasi), the Rjuven (who became the Rjuvik) and the Vos. The Brecht and Masetians, great sailors, set out on the long voyage to the north of Cerilia and the Sun Coast respectively, the Rjuven fled in long-ships along the coast of Cerilia not settling until they reached the safety of the wilds of the north, the Anuireans and the Vos however traveled on foot across the land bridge to Cerilia for they had little understanding of the sea.
The trip, whether across the land bridge, or the seas, was arduous -- many of the people attempting the journey did not arrive at their destination, falling to disease and sickness, natural hazards, hostile natives, infighting and, sometimes, pure human stupidity. Still, despite the perils of the journey, the nomads at last arrived in Cerilia, and found a lightly populated land open to conquest. They also found the Basarji.
The Basarji were a dark-skinned people from beyond the Sea of Dragons. They are thought to be descended from the same stock as the five tribes, for their gods were the same (or at least remarkably similar) as those worshiped by the fleeing nomads. The humans were now six tribes, and they set to dominating Cerilia with a desire never before seen on the continent. The Basarji worshiped the god Basaïa, and established themselves in the sunny southeastern corner of Cerilia where they swiftly gave up their nomadic ways and some even their beloved horses. Basarji still live in far-off Djapar, however many of them spurn contact with Cerilia for they cling to the worship of Basaïa and refuse to accept the new gods.
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