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Community teams » NP Patrol
This community team is still in development. As we get more members and nominate a leader, this page will be filled out with more info about what we do and how we do it.
If you would like to join, leave a note here!



This community team is dedicated to watching the new pages list, and commenting on the page's talk page, giving the author insight into how the page may be improved. This team is more cursory and pervasive then the Commentators.

[top]Specific Tasks

  • You might want to review the Article Management Tags section of Templates, since you will probably want to use some of them.
  • Scan the new pages list
    • Look for obviously mispelled pages and put a note on the  discussion  about the mispelling of the name and maybe to use  move  to move it to the correctly spelled name.
    • Look for page names with mixed case. Some of these pages are duplicates of other pages.
    • Make sure page names follow the BRWiki naming policy.
    • Look for pages that are nothing but vandalism, or violates the do-not-post policy.
    • Tag pages that are stubs as such.

  • Click the  watch  on pages if you want to see if the author/editor responds to your comments. Or, even easier, click the "[  ] Watch this page" checkbox before you save your comments.
  • Use your judgement to leave comments about other things... tons of pages are being added all the time, so don't try to look at everything, only stuff with obvious problems.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions. You can put them on the NP Patrol  discussion  page.


As of the recent update of [[BRWiki]] to MediaWiki version 1.7.1, members of the New Pages Patrol and the Recent Changes Patrol will also be members of the patrollers wiki user group. This gives them the ability to use the [Mark as patrolled] link when doing a diff.

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Posting Permissions
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