Male Awnshegh Fighter 16

Great Bloodline of Azrai, 62

Medium humanoid
Rumored to have Long Life (Great) as a blood ability.
Eldried the Rake is a mysterious awnshegh in the Anuirean colonies west of Mieres. A powerful Swordsman, Eldried is said to have a fearful face. He personally rides the seas in a small ship. His swordsmanship is so fearsome that he can parry powerful swords with nothing more than a knife. Eldried the Rake is rumored to be the greatest swordsman in Cerilia and Northern Aduria.
Eldried is the biological father of Aeric Boeruine. Once the heir of Boeruine then called Eldried Boeruine, the noble gave it all up when he slew an awnshegh from Rhuobhe's realm. Having absorbed his birthright by Bloodtheft, Eldried's nature made it easy for Azrai's nature to overwhelm Anduiras' nature. After all, he takes to carousing and wenching.
It is unknown how many children he had left in his wake. These bastard sons and daughters are the half brothers and sisters of Aeric, and it is known as to how many have reached their majority. A shadow seen in the Strait of Aerele, it is known that the Seadrake doesn't bother him. Some regents sweat when they hear of him nearing their lands. Who knows when the dangerous swordsman will stop his wandering and claim a realm of his own?

[top]DM Tips

Eldried the Rake is an example of a minor Awnshegh, much like Droene the Ogre is a good example. Unlike the Ogre, which represents unbridled fury; Eldried the Rake is reserved and calm. Here are a few tips on how you can use him.
  • Eldried the Conquerer

Eldried finally wants to have a realm of his own. His ship, full of loyal pirates, invade a PC's realm (as long as it is by the coast). Eldried's tactics are to actually invade one of the provinces of the sea and cause a Brigandage Action, Blood Challenge Action, or Rebellion action.
  • Eldried the Intriguer

Eldried can be used as a source of Intrigue. Eldried, as a noble once, knows how to play the Great Game of Houses. Eldried starts a number of intrigues in your realm. He sends his agents to spy on the PCs to find out several secrets he can use in Blackmail. If a PC's kingdom is riddled with intrigue (Cariele, Sendoure, Halskapa), he can play the Great Game to great effect -- manipulating the Aristocracy. The intrigue can show up in any number of ways: a subtle play for the throne, the destruction of a political career of a good noble, the cuckolding of the regent's family in some way, etc. The Regent must find a way to stop the intrigue and Eldried before he gets too far.
  • Eldried the Feud starter

This one is particularly most effective around Talinie, Boeruine, Diemed, and Roesone. Eldried starts a feud between two particular houses. These houses are those where he is Geneaologically linked. Also, by extension, Boeruine is linked as well. The feud can start a bloody fight between two noble houses in the PC's realm, and may even draw Aeric in as a third player.

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