Brechtur » Danigau » Advice from the Danigau court
All new rulers are surrounded by those eager to give advice, here are the words of your court.

[top]General Johann Katterbach

My Liege, you are Count of a strong and loyal realm, this is so because your ancestors have maintained a strong army since before Deismaar.
Petty wounds heal, however sharp they sting at the time. You are the Count and above the posturing of nobles in the court. Stand proud and like the mountains you will weather any storm. What cannot be healed are mortal wounds, should our soldiers weaken the goblins of Urga-Zai will reclaim this land that was once theirs and Danigau would never recover.
The Dwarves of Khurin-Azur have long fought the goblins of Urga-Zai, we must put the necessary effort into forming an alliance for though the dwarves are as slow to trust, they are loyal to death once trust is earned and they are doughty warriors.
We saw centuries ago the honor of their warriors when they won the freedom of our troops on the fields of woe, surely once we have driven out the latest goblin raiders it is time to repay that debt and deal with the threat of Urga-Zai once and for all?
Nevertheless your first and last duty must always be to protect your own, maintain the largest army you can afford and hone your warriors' skills to a razor?s edge.
Nothing else is necessary, your people will look after their petty worries if you see to their safety.

[top]Chamberlain Markus Stein

My lord, defense is of course a priority, but few can live in an armed camp. Look at how the theatre of Talhundt garners Danigau the respect of the other Brecht realms and how popular the Erntenirfest has become over the last few decades.
It is time for Danigau to put aside the fears of its past ? the goblins have not seriously invaded beyond attacks on Caebstrech in a generation, the people of Danigau bear heavy taxation, could this not be lightened? Or could the funds not be used in some more constructive manner? To rebuild the Hoklep lighthouse perhaps? Or to increase the farmed lands in Blackruft?
Our neighbors Wierech and Dauren are realms which would welcome your aid, both huddle in fear of the Gorgon and are raided much as we are by pirates, they have common foes and therefore would make loyal allies ? or vassals.

[top]Ilse Redbedtehr

All Brecht realms are based on commerce, industry is our life?s-blood, the elixir that forges blades and mail for your warriors, fills their bellies with bread and fish and makes warm cloaks to shield them from the winter wind.
Trade in Danigau is however weak, we trade not with Khurin-Azur who could provide us fine steel or overly with Kvigmar who have vast tracts of near empty land rich in game and lumber.
I would ask for your aid, gold invested now in trade and diplomacy with these realms ? our nearest neighbors though you would know it not from our history which often ignores them entirely ? will be repaid thrice fold within 10 years I swear.

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