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Time, seasons, and holidays » Erntenirfest

The festival of Erntenirfest is held to celebrate the harvest and is typified by the copious quaffing of fermented grain beverages and singing. Although some realms hold quite dignified celebrations, the artistic displays of opera and theatre held in Danigau in alternate years being a prime example, the growing wealth of Brechtür has led to a festival noted for a friendly sort of debauchery. Violence is rare but 'high-spirited' japes are common.

Although a harvest festival, many of the towns and cities of Brechtür also add a crafts festival aspect to the celebrations, typically regarding foodstuffs such as Danigau's ongoing 'sausage wars' between the provinces of Talhundt (goats-meat sausages) and Starkhundt (spiced pork sausages) and the brewing of beers (a Müden favourite), etc.

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