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    Here's another new ershegh write up. I'm going to break it up into several posts so as to not run into any problems with the maximum lines for the listserver.

    This description also includes some possibilities regarding the question asked a few weeks ago regarding the Aebrynian constellations that could be used for the zodiac. Not all of the celestial objects described below might fit into the zodiac itself, but they seem apt for the night sky of Aebrynis and might be part of a larger, more comprehensive BR star chart.

    This character fits into the existing campaign material without much, if any, modification necessary, and can be used to provide adventure hooks for campaigns in Southern Anuire. Along those lines, the description gives some hints at a whole level of campaigning that is often ignored in BR: espionage and counterespionage.

    Last, the Sisters of Sleep described below could be an assassin/shadowdancer type prestige class, while the Sisters of the Nine Visions might have levels in Divine Oracle (or similar) class.


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    Background/History, Part 1

    Report by Logren Eastark, Gessarin College

    Master Rall,

    As I am sure you are aware this has been a very difficult task, but I had

    no idea how perilous it would prove to be. I knew it would be difficult

    for the ershegh that I was assigned to interview is one of the most

    secretive of all those transformed by the blood of the gods. It has been

    over a year since I arrived in Medoere pursuing an interview with this

    elusive creature. It was not long before I realized my efforts were being

    actively frustrated by agents of Medoere. As an embodiment of one of the

    most cherished symbols of that temple I had believed that their efforts

    were simply them feeling protective over a living representation of their

    faith. I understand, at first, the seriousness of their efforts. It was

    not until recently that I learned the Medoereans were protecting what has

    become an important state asset. I am ashamed to admit I had to learn this

    from a representative of the so-called Sisterhood of Sleep, the group

    responsible for performing what would be called espionage in a more secular

    realm. As I was returning to my room at the Pale Horse Inn after a rare

    night of leisure I felt a hand fall softly upon my shoulder. Before I

    could turn I felt the edge of a blade at my throat, and a whispered voice

    asked me what my interest was in the Nightowl.

    I had left a recent copy of Chardna`s Astronomical Survey at the Shrine of

    Night in Alamier in hopes that it might tempt the Nightowl to meet me. The

    ershegh has become a sort of patron saint there. He has appeared to

    worshippers at that shrine from time to time and given advice to the

    faithful. Though the accounts of his appearance have been somewhat

    sketchy--one acolyte described a creature whose vast wings blotted out the

    sky--it is agreed that actual visitations have taken place, and it is said

    that his powers as an oracle are significant. As a creature of the night,

    I thought a treatise on the stars might be of interest to him. I had no

    idea how right that supposition was at the time, nor did I know how much

    danger that gift would put me into.

    The Sisterhood, of course, does not officially exist, but the rumors of

    their activities are nearly as rampant as they are ominous. Deaths or

    disappearances in the night are often attributed to their activities. Some

    say that they are the remnants of one of the more militant sects of

    Ruornil`s worship from the period of Medoere`s separation from Diemed, and

    that the sisters themselves are the veterans of that rebellion. They were

    scouts and saboteurs who fought a war of assassination against the forces

    of Diemed with fanatical zeal, and it is to their efforts that the success

    of Medoere`s much smaller, ill-trained and ill-equipped army is sometimes

    attributed. Another, more reasonable explanation is that they are the

    inner circle of Medoere`s Sisters of the Nine Visions in Caerwil, organized

    in response to the machinations of Diemed`s spy network.

    Regardless of their origins, I had never given much credence to the

    stories--they always smacked of old wives` tales--but after the events of

    the past several days I am convinced that should one question the ghosts of

    certain agents of baron Diem who have died mysteriously both in Medoere and

    in Diemed proper I am confident they would confirm many of the tales.

    With as much confidence as I could muster I assured the Sisters`

    representative that I only wished to speak to the ershegh in order to learn

    about his life for the edification of myself and my college. I was told

    that my inquiries could lead to a swift and silent end on my part. I was

    to desist immediately. Only the blade at my throat prevented me from

    nodding vigorously.

    To my surprise, however, a note was slipped under the barred door of my

    room at the Pale Horse Inn that requested I appear the bell tower of the

    Shrine of Night at midnight to meet the Nightowl himself. The interview,

    the note informed me, was under the condition of complete secrecy, and

    implied that any information gathered was to be kept in the strictest

    confidence for the safety of all concerned. I urge, therefore, that this

    report be placed amongst the sealed documents of the College that I might

    continue to serve the College`s higher purpose for many years to come, and

    I might add so that your own safety, my Master, might not be compromised.

    The note further instructed me not to speak unless questioned, for the

    Nightowl is shy of strangers. I could bring no light, nor was I to strike

    one during the interview. I was to prepare my questions in advance and

    leave them in the offering box at the shrine by noon. The ershegh would

    answer the questions or not as he saw fit. Anything I did to harm or

    otherwise upset him during the interview would be met with "dire

    consequences." I made a list of questions that would provide the

    information that we seek on each of the creatures we interview, and left it

    at the temple as I was instructed. I did not, however, have any control

    over whether the Nightowl would answer those questions, but as is clear

    from my recording of his words below he addressed most of them. I submit

    this report in the hopes that it will shed some light upon a creature for

    whom we have as of yet only seen in the shadows.

    I arrived early for the interview and climbed the campanile. It was a

    moonless night, and the stars gleamed down into the belfry brightly enough

    for me to notice that there were no bells, nor any ropes to ring them had

    they been in place. The floor was strewn with twigs and hay, enough to

    make a passable aerie of the tower. Here and there bones littered for floor.

    There was a soft whispering sound and a shadow lit upon the open sill of

    the belfry. It was an owl. A rather large one. I could see its outline

    and the gleam of its eyes in the dark but little else. It looked me over

    carefully and without fear. It seemed to scan the interior of the belfry

    itself before it settled into a corner. I had suppress a nervous giggle at

    my own foolishness. I had thought for a moment that this common bird was

    the ershegh. A moment later the Nightowl himself lit upon the

    ledge. After the appearance of the common owl, the Nightowl`s size was a

    shock even though he was the height of a man. He moved with no more sound

    than had the owl that heralded his arrival.

    "Greetings," the bird-man said. His voice was soft and mellifluous. I

    bowed slightly in response, my dry throat making it easy to keep to my

    strict instruction not to speak.


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    Background/History, Part 2

    "I prevailed upon the Sisters to arrange this meeting. Though they have

    their reasons for secrecy, they are sometimes too zealous in protecting me

    from outsiders. The book was a most kind gift, and I have enjoyed it more

    than you can as of yet understand. I will tell you now the story of my

    transformation, not for your edification, but because the stars themselves

    have bid me to, and their words cannot be denied."

    "My family and I were on a boat crossing the Suidemiere when my powers

    began to coalesce. I was sixteen. I had always had difficulty sleeping

    through the night as a youth. The rocking of the ship and crowded

    conditions on board did not help my sleeplessness. I decided to go up on

    deck to look at the stars as was my custom on my many wakeful

    nights. Moving quietly so as not to waken the crew or any of the other

    passengers, I made my way out onto the deck and groped towards the

    railing. It was a moonless night, cool and crisp. I had no fear of the

    darkness. I had always felt more comfortable in the night than in the day,

    but this night felt more welcoming than any other had in the past. I had

    never before truly seen the beauty of the night. With my hand upon the

    slick wood of the rail I turned my gaze up to the skies, looking for the

    familiar constellations that have fascinated me since I was a small child."

    "As I stood staring at the figures that had always been my childhood

    companions I began to sense a change in my perception of them. In a matter

    of moments, the night came alive before my eyes, and I saw the stars as if

    for the first time. The countless points of light that form the Great

    Spiral danced before me, and I could see the shimmering spear of the

    Huntress come alive as if she were plunging it in for the death blow on the

    Golden Hart she chases every night. To my right upon the horizon was the

    Unicorn, whiter and more beautiful than I had ever seen it before, and as I

    stared at the glowing lights of the Ruornil`s Silver Citadel I found to my

    amazement that the light of the stars seemed to blaze away the darkness

    until the night became as day. The black of night faded to cobalt which in

    turn became a dark purple then a gentle violet and finally through a myriad

    of warmer shades until I could see as clearly as if it were noon on a clear


    "Out there on the water I felt small, innocent and alone, but I was not

    lonely for I was wrapped up in the night like a swaddled babe. I longed to

    leap from the boat and join the stars in their nightly cotillion across the

    sky. Filled with rapture, I stretched out my arms in homage to the beauty

    before me, and I felt the power of my birthright. I felt it in the pulse

    of my heart and in the blood that it pumped through my body. It set my

    sinews and my bones to vibrating. I could sense the world about me in more

    detail than I had ever known, and just as I was now able to sense the true

    nature of the world around me I began to feel the truth of the world within

    me as well. I knew I was no longer a boy, no longer a human. I was

    something more."

    "It was like a rapturous dream come to life. The kind of dream in which

    your fancy takes flight and you begin to know the true meaning of

    things. And in the way of dreams I knew that I had discovered my truth and

    my destiny. I longed for it like I had never longed for anything

    before. The pain of death can be only a tiny fraction of the sensations I

    felt as I came for the first time to truly know life. How perfect it

    was. By the gods, how weak and feeble are these words I use to express the

    perfection of the night.... I know now that before I gained my powers I

    was like a blind man locked away in some oubliette. Sad, pitiable and

    ignorant. Now I have all the wonders of the night as my companion and it

    is in the time most people consider the darkest and most forbidding that I

    am most alive."

    "The sky called to me and I answered. I felt myself changing. My body was

    lighter, the air thicker. I was filled with the knowledge that I could

    pull myself up and away from the earth more easily than a child might climb

    a tree. I did not resist the urge to do just that, and as I rose into the

    air I felt a freedom greater than any earthbound creature can know. The

    ship grew small behind me. I left my family and my humanity on that ship

    but I felt no sense of loss. I knew only the exhilaration of the

    night. It called to me as it calls to me even now...."

    The Nightowl seemed to swoon a bit, but he recovered. He looked out at the

    night sky and as he continued he continued to peer at the stars.

    "It was within weeks of first knowing the adoration of the night that I

    began to hear the voices of the stars. It began as a whispering, but soon

    the murmuring of the sky became voices that I could hear as plainly as any

    other. Can you see the constellation there? That is the Nesirie`s

    Trident. In times past it was called Masela`s Trident just as the

    constellation Haelyn was once Father Anduiras. You see the three stars

    that form the tines of the Trident, yes? I see them as well, but I also

    see the Trident itself, and I hear its voice. `A storm,` it says. `A

    storm is coming....`"

    "That constellation is there... the circle of stars with blackness between

    them. That is the Well of Spirits. Some elves believe it is where their

    souls go when they die. The goblins call it the Eye of Death. Whatever

    its name, it whispers to me the names of those who have died.... `Sir Karl

    Wohlson of Danigau,` it says.... `Hruthgar of the Jarnkasspel....` An

    endless litany of the dead."

    "The planets have voices too. The red one that men call Cuiraecen`s

    Keep. `War,` it says. `There will be war.` It speaks to me of the

    defenses of Baruk-Azhik and how the orogs have bred giant lizards and

    constructed engines of war to besiege them. That blue planet there is

    Masala`s Tear. It tells me of the lost lands of the Masetians, and what

    secrets lie in their ruins. There are more lights in the sky unseen by

    men, but I can see them. I trace their paths through the sky as diligently

    as they observe us, and I can tell you true that they foretell the future

    as surely as I can read the tome you gave me. One spoke to me yesternight

    and bade me tell you the story of my life, so I have come here and I have

    told you my tale. I know not what fate the stars have seen in this,

    Gessarin. I know only that they see all and know all. I am but the

    servant of the sky. Their voices... call to me.... I am... a slave... to

    the... stars...."

    With that the Nightowl seemed to let out a soft but heartfelt groan, as if

    he were in the embrace of a lover. There was a soft, susurration as his

    wings caught the air and he was gone. The owl that had preceded him into

    the belfry followed silently after him now. I tried to see in what

    directly he had flown, but it was useless. His flight was as silent as a

    tomb, and the night swallowed him up.

    A hand fell upon my shoulder, startling me. There were three figures

    standing behind me. Had they been there all along? They were heavily

    cloaked, and what little flesh I could see was blackened by some cosmetic.

    "You`ve had your interview," the one nearest me said. From the voice I

    could tell it was a woman. When she spoke I could see in the gloom that

    even her teeth were blackened. "Now go." She pointed towards the trapdoor

    with a hand that held a long, curved dagger. The blade, not surprisingly,

    was blackened. How long had it been pointed at my back?

    I did have to be told to leave a second time.

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    Character Description

    Tariq el-Diz was lost at sea the night he vanished from the ship that bore

    him and his family from Ariya to the Imperial City. Or so his family still

    believes after his disappearance. A creature in love with night and the

    stars, the Nightowl has felt little need to inform them that he is still

    alive. He left that life behind and has no intention of returning to

    it. His family would no longer recognize him if he did contact them, for

    his transformation in the years since has been rapid and

    significant. Tariq is more owl than man now, and not merely in a physical

    sense. His behavior has grown more bird-like in recent years, and he cares

    little for the circumstances of his former life.

    The Nightowl was a short and somewhat stocky young man before his

    transformation began to take effect. His body has become even fuller in

    recent years. Covered in dark grey feathers from the tufts that point

    ear-like up at the corners of his head to his taloned feet, he has the

    characteristic square-bodied shape of his namesake. His feet and ankles

    have transformed into talons, which he can use to shred the animals that

    are now his only sustenance. The most significant remnant of the

    Nightowl`s humanity is in his face, and even that has been dramatically

    changed. A beak has replaced his nose and lips, but his face is not

    feathered and his skin remains human and expressive. The irises and pupils

    of his eyes have grown larger and sensitive to light.

    After several months of wandering the Nightowl made his way to Medoere, and

    there he resides to this day under the protection of Ruornil`s Celestial

    Spell. Many Medoereans revere him as an embodiment of Ruornil`s earthly

    power. In truth, the Moon God is the deity for whom the Nightowl has the

    greatest respect, but he prefers to the company of his owls to the faithful

    of Ruornil. He acts as an agent of Suris Enlien out of a sense of mutual

    cooperation, because he has found a home in her demesne, and due to their

    mutual respect for the god of the night, but he cherishes his privacy and

    nightly studies, and will chafe if they are compromised overmuch. His

    prognostic powers are considered vital to the state, so the Sisters of

    Sleep have developed procedures for dealing with him that ensure his

    cooperation and well-being, and this procedures are strictly obeyed. The

    Nightowl, however, often has his own ideas regarding the use of his powers

    and his movements--or he takes commands from the unknowable stars, making

    his behavior unpredictable. Though the Sisters have gained much valuable

    information by consulting him, they have also learned not to attempt to

    manipulate or otherwise "handle" the ershegh. Such attempts often

    backfire, for he knows of them before they occur.

    The Nightowl

    Medium Ershegh

    Hit Dice: 8d8+7 (47 hp)

    Initiative: +2 (dex)

    Speed: 30 ft., fly 60 ft. (average)

    AC: 17 (+3 dex, +2 natural, +2 dodge) touch 13, flat-footed 12

    Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+4

    Attack: claw +10 melee (1d6-1)

    Full Attack: 2 claws +10 melee (1d6-1)

    Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.

    Special Qualities: Low-light vision, extra light sensitivity, animal

    affinity, enhanced sense

    Saves: Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +4

    Abilities: Str 8, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 10

    Skills: Knowledge, Astronomy +16, Listen +13, Move Silently +14, Spot +13

    Feats: Skill Emphasis (Astronomy), Weapon Finesse (claws), Weapon Focus


    Environment: Temperate forests

    Organization: Solitary or flock

    Challenge Rating: 9

    Treasure: Standard (see below)

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Advancement: By character class

    Bloodline: Reynir, major, 38. Blood Trait (major), Animal Affinity

    (??), Enhanced Sense-Reynir(Major)

    Bloodline in BP Style: Re(8/38) BTrt(3) AnAf(4) EnSns(4/2/1)

    The Nightowl appears to be a hybrid man and owl. He eschews clothing

    but wears a silver necklace with the device of Ruornil upon it, a gift from

    the High Priestess of Medoere, that has the power to protect him from

    magical detection or mind reading (treat as a ring of Mind Shielding.) It

    is believed he has access to additional equipment and revenue from the

    coffers of Ruornil`s Celestial Spell for the asking.

    The Nightowl`s arms have completely transformed into wings. He may not

    wield nor carry items with them, wear rings or gloves, or use them to

    operate any mechanical item that requires more than a push. His feet,

    however, have become more articulated and though they do not have the

    utility of hands he can use them to grasp items while in flight.

    The Nightowl prefers to attack his prey by swooping down upon it in the

    night. If caught by surprise in daytime or confronted by bright lights he

    will flee.

    Nightvision (Ex): The Nightowl can see in conditions of night or

    darkness as well as if it were daylight.

    Extra Light Sensitivity (Ex): In conditions of bright light the Nightowl

    suffers a -3 penalty to attack rolls.

    Animal Affinity (Su): The Nightowl gets a +2 bonus on any activity

    having to do with interacting with an owl. He has the equivalent of

    _Animal Friendship_, affecting up to 16HD of owls. He has empathic

    communication with them if they are within 60` and he may speak to them as

    if using _Speak with Animals_. (The Nightowl generally is in the company

    of 2-5 owls with 2HD. He uses these owls as spies and scouts.)

    Enhanced Sense (Su): The Nightowl`s ability to tell the future gives him

    the following benefits. Once per night he may reroll any attack roll,

    skill check or saving throw. He gains a +2 dodge bonus to AC. He may use

    _Augury_ and _Divination_ twice per night.

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    Notes and References

    1. The Sisterhood of Sleep is an invention, but the Sisters of the Nine

    Visions are mentioned in the PSoMedoere p17-18. Unfortunately, that text

    tells us very little about them. "Abbey dedicated to a sect of priestesses

    of Ruornil who seek omens, portents, and wisdom from the Moon God"

    (17). Their abbey also is located in the same woods that contains the

    Passage Tree (18) which appears to be a one-way gate into the Shadow World,

    giving us some indication of what they may be attempting to scry, divine or

    otherwise envision.

    2. I don`t give too many details regarding the Sisterhood of Sleep but I

    picture them as a sort of espionage/assassination group with all the

    fanaticism of the Assassin cult. Their existence may or may not have had

    anything to do with Medoere`s independence, but they can be attributed with

    much of the continuing independence of that nation. They are under the

    auspices of the abbess of the Sisters of the Nine Visions as a subgroup of

    that larger, more temporal order. They garner their information in a more

    earthly fashion than the spells and meditations that the rest of the

    sisterhood engage in nightly. As described, the existence of the Sleep

    Sisters is not acknowledged publicly by the government of Medoere, by the

    RCS temple hierarchy or by the Sisters of the Nine Visions, but they are

    nonetheless employed by them to keep track of and counter the actions of

    Diemed`s spies. They also to keep track of other regents that compete with

    Medoere like Enlien and even the Spider. If one uses alternate domain

    rules, they might represent a secret Law(0) holding in Caerwil under the

    control of Suruis Enlien, or one might reduce the Law(2) holding of Guilder

    Kalien in that province and give Medoere a Law(1). Alternatively, one

    could make one or both of the levels of the RCS temple(2) holding in that

    province a specialty holding that has the effect of countering espionage

    actions, allowing a free espionage action or otherwise opposing the effects

    of the "foreign" law and guild holdings in that province.

    3. Here`s a list of the constellations mentioned in the background of the

    Nightowl and the real world constellations they were inspired by, are

    (loosely) analogous to, or might simply occupy a similar location in the

    sky. The names of the gods are in parenthesis because they would have had

    different names before Deismaar, and because the names differ by

    culture. Also, in one case (Well of spirits/Eye of Death) the

    constellation itself has a different name in human and goblin cultures

    respectively. In the way of fantasy fiction the constellations will have

    the same thematic purpose across cultures, but in a few cases it seems

    likely that they would have different names.


    (Ruornil`s) Citadel -- Libra

    (Haelyn/Father Anduiras) -- Leo

    Golden Hart -- Sagittarius

    The Huntress -- Virgo

    (Masala`s/Neserie`s) Trident -- Orion

    Unicorn -- Little Dipper (tip of horn is Aebrynis` pole star.)

    Well of Spirits/Eye of Death -- Auriga (a ring of stars with no visible

    stars inside them.)


    Great Spiral -- I picture this one being a somewhat improbably close

    spiral galaxy.

    (Cuiraecen`s) Keep -- Mars (could be called "Warrior`s Keep" in old texts.)

    (Masala`s) Tear -- Neptune

    4. Anyone who is an Arthur C. Clarke fan will recognize the name "Chardna"

    for the fictional astronomical tome as being based on Clarke`s Dr. Chandra

    who is, in turn, a reference to Professor of Astronomy Subrahmanyan

    "Chandra" Chandrasekhar.

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    Another very nice little fella. I like the Sisters of Sleep and the additional detail on the Nine Sisters.

    Great job.
    Hello, I guess I gotta have a sig.

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    At 05:04 PM 11/28/2003 -0500, Eosin the Red wrote:

    >Another very nice little fella. I like the Sisters of Sleep and the

    >additional detail on the Nine Sisters.


    >Great job.

    Thanks. Here are some "Rumours and Adventure Hooks" for the Nightowl:

    Sleepless in Cerilia

    There will be an attempt upon the life of Suris Enlien. The party is

    approached by one of the Sleep Sisters who needs their help. As the closet

    thing to the realm`s counter espionage agency the Sisterhood is normally

    charged with the protection of Medoere`s leaders and important figures from

    assassination, however, this time the Sisterhood cannot be involved for the

    Nightowl has foreseen that the assassin is one of the Sisters. The

    Nightowl has contacted the party (an owl has appeared in their midst with a

    note tied to its leg) asking for a meeting.

    The Prophecy of Peace

    A low intensity conflict has been going on between Medoere and Diemed since

    the time of Medoere`s separation from that country. Baron Diem is making

    overtures of peace, but he has made such promises in the past, and rewarded

    any response with treachery. This time, however, the Nightowl has

    predicted that he does not intend to betray any negotiators sent to arrange

    an armistice. Nonetheless, the government of Medoere is cautious. In this

    case, the Nightowl`s predictions are quite correct. Baron Diem intends to

    keep his word. The agents of Endier and/or Ghoere, however, do not want to

    see peace between the realms of Diemed and Medoere, and they are willing to

    frame either of those nations in order to keep them at odds. Sabotage,

    poisonings, forged missives and outright murders may be committed in order

    to prevent peace.

    The Absent Oracle

    The Nightowl is gone. The ershegh has never really been under the control

    of the government of Medoere, but despite that fact they have come to rely

    upon his nightly prophecies for much of their knowledge of the politics of

    Cerilia. The creature will often elude his guards (an easy task for him

    given his ability to fly and his prognostic power) to engage in some

    activity inspired by the stars, but he has never been gone for more than a

    few days. This time he has been missing for over a month, and his

    whereabouts appear to be beyond the powers of even the Sisterhood of the

    Nine Visions. In fact, things are more desperate than the Sisters know,

    for the Nightowl has left Cerilia entirely. Inspired by the stars, the

    Nightowl has entered the Shadow World via the one-way gate that the ??

    tree. Now he is lost in that dimension and must be

    retrieved. Unfortunately, the Sisters have no way of returning from the

    Shadow World after entering it via the ???. They must enlist the aid of

    the adventuring party to help them explore that world, retrieve their

    oracle and safely return him to the world of light.

    Good Knight Folks

    The existence of the Sword of Enlien has long foretold the coming of a hero

    of Medoere who would wield the powers of a paladin to fight for Medoere and

    do battle with the forces of the Shadow World. A band of refugees has

    arrived in Medoere and their leader has come forth to claim his

    destiny. One would think the people of Medoere would be happy to embrace

    their champion, but he is not at all what anyone expected. These new

    arrives are halfling escapees from the Shadow World. Dale "Digger" Degbert

    has claimed the sword as his birthright, and after investigating the matter

    in the Shadow World himself, the Nightowl has endorsed his claim.


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    Here`s a brief prestige class write up for the Sisters of Sleep. The

    special class abilities are all written up in the DMG (most of them under

    the Assassin prestige class) so I won`t recreate them.



    The Sisterhood of Sleep is a subsect of the Sisters of the Nine Visions,

    an order dedicated to divining the future and gathering information in

    Medoere. While the Sisters of the Nine Visions emphasize reflection, study

    and divination for their efforts, the Sisters of Sleep gather information

    through more temporal and illicit means. The Sisters of Sleep were

    organized in response to the predations of Baron Diem`s spy network and the

    infiltration of Enlien`s intelligence network in Medoere. Fanatically

    loyal to the cause of their temple and Medoere itself, the sisters operate

    mostly within their home territory, but occasionally enter nearby realms in

    order to spy, assassinate or perform other clandestine activities upon

    their neighbors. In recent years, Sleep Sisters have ranged across Cerilia

    gathering information at the behest of their parent organization or the

    leadership of Medoere itself.

    It is unknown how the Sisterhood goes about recruiting new members, but

    it is believed that Sleep Sisters have come from every walk of life in

    Medoere. Some are rumored to have been former soldiers, initiates of

    various temporal orders or even prostitutes in some seaside

    brothels. Whatever their origins the initiates are rigorously tested and

    subjected to various magics believed to purify them an ensure their

    loyalty. A process similar to that used by the Khinasi to swear mages to

    their Five Oaths (also a rite performed by the priests of Ruornil) is

    believed to be employed. Absolute secrecy is a priority of the

    Sisters. None has yet allowed herself to be taken alive.

    Hit Die: d6


    Skills: Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 8 ranks.


    Balance, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Disable

    Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Forgery, Gather Information, Hide,

    Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, Search, Sense Motive,

    Sleight of Hand, Spot, Tumble, Use Magic Device, Use Rope

    Skill Points at each Level: 4 + Int Modifier

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Club, crossbow (any), shortbow (normal and

    composite), dagger (any), dart, quarterstaff, sap, shortsword. Any light

    armor. No shield.

    Sleep Sister

    Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special

    1 +0 +0 +2 +2 Sneak attack +1d6, spells

    2 +1 +0 +3 +3 Darkvision

    3 +2 +1 +3 +3 Sneak attack +2d6

    4 +3 +1 +4 +4 Uncanny Dodge

    5 +3 +1 +5 +5 Sneak attack +3d6

    6 +4 +2 +5 +5 Hide in Plain Sight

    7 +5 +2 +6 +6 Sneak attack +4d6

    8 +6 +2 +7 +7 Improved Uncanny Dodge

    9 +6 +3 +7 +7 Sneak attack +5d6

    10 +7 +3 +8 +8 Death attack


    Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

    1 0 - - -

    2 1 - - -

    3 2 0 - -

    4 3 1 - -

    5 3 2 0 -

    6 3 3 1 -

    7 3 3 2 0

    8 3 3 3 1

    9 3 3 3 2

    10 3 3 3 3

    Sleep Sister Spell List

    1st: Detect poison, ghost sound, jump, obscuring mist, sanctuary, shield

    of faith, true strike.

    2nd: Augury, cat`s grace, darkness, delay poison, knock, pass without

    trace, silence, spider climb, undetectable alignment.

    3rd: Deeper darkness, locate object, misdirection, nondetection

    4th: Clairvoyance/clairaudience, freedom of movement, modify memory,

    neutralize poison, poison.

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    I got a couple of questions about the Sleep Sister prestige class that I

    thought I should go ahead and put in the thread itself, especially since I

    skipped most of the typical descriptive text for a prestige class....

    1. Is the spellcasting ability of the class divine or arcane?

    Divine. Since the class is based on their worship of Ruornil (or they are,

    at least, closely related to clerics of that deity) they should have divine

    magic. It also differentiates them a bit more from the Assassin prestige

    class if anyone uses that in their BR campaign.

    2. What ability score is their spellcasting based on? Int-Wis-Cha?

    Wisdom. (For similar reasons.)

    As long as I`m at it, the spells Sleep and Deep Slumber should be added to

    the spell list for the prestige class at 1st and 3rd level

    respectively. (I`d also add a Mass Sleep spell at 4th level, just for the

    sake of rounding out the "Sleep" spell progression....)


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