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When Uvna came to Zoloskaya, it was one of the most fractious and self-destructive of the Vos realms. Raiders plied the coastal waters, preying on neighboring Vos and Khinasi realms as well as each other. Slaughter and famine ruled the land and short-lived "pirate kings" of Zoloskaya only made matters worse.
Taking a hand in local matters, Uvna and a few companions slew or drove away most of the pirate kings. A few they converted to their cause. They began to unite peasantry against the remaining pirate strongholds until only one, the Varskulazen (the "Varsk's fang") remained, on the northern tip of peninsula.
The ruler of the Varskulazen collected as many warriors, reavers, and mercenaries he could muster and sent them out against Uvna's followers, slaying and burning those who got in the way. Uvna's spells deflected some of this damage, but most of his companions died in the struggle and much of the realm burned; the Days of Fire threatened to consume Zoloskaya.
But Uvna and a priest of Ruornil, one Aduras Vesk, remained. Escaping the reavers, they fought their way to Varskulazen and confronted the pirate king in his keep. Vesk died in the struggle but made it possible for Uvna to unleash incredible magical forces against the pirate king and his allies. The land was sundered (producing those two barren islands, the Varsk's Fangs, just off the coast of Zoloskaya) but the Days of Fire ended.

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