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The Vos (VAHS) are a barbaric race from the cold mountains and forests of northeastern Cerilia. They are tall, thick-boned people with flat features, light eyes, and a sallow hue. Male warriors are fond of shaving their heads and wearing long, drooping mustaches.
The Vos have a rigid code of face and honor that demands blood for even unintentional insults. Their leaders are war-chieftains known as tsarevos, advised by the priests of the grim Vos gods. Almost all Vos men are warriors and hunters ? any other profession is considered unmanly. Vos women are greatly limited in their freedom by custom, although a few women have succeeded as warriors or tsarevas.
The Vos are by far the most brutal and misunderstood of the humans. They live in the area of Cerilia known to geographers as Vosgaard, but to its neighbors as the Land of Darkness, the Brutal Lands, or the Lands of Midnight Sun. It's populated heavily by humanoids and monsters. The gods of the Vos are harsh and evil, and the Vos themselves have a reputation for being nearly as cruel as the humanoids they hunt.
Though all these things are true of the Vos, there's also something about them that most people don't take into account: The Vos live in the harshest part of Cerilia, surrounded by inhuman creatures. Though they once worshiped the god of the moon and magic, they've found little solace in his teachings. Small wonder, then, that they turned to gods more suited to their land, gods of cold and rage.
The Vos rulers are priests of the Ice Lady and the Terror God. They earn the Vos their reputation, for they are the ones constantly warring on each other and those surrounding them. Those who are not priests rarely have power in Vosgaard, for one of the few threats the Vos leaders unite against is a leader whose visions don't come from the gods.
Taken individually, the Vos are actually decent people. Though they don't believe in mercy, they understand compassion. While they're savage in battle, they have a firm code of honor. And while they hunt their enemies ruthlessly, their friends are their most treasured possessions.
The other human races of Cerilia are inclined to view the Vos as evil barbarians, savages, and marauders, but this isn't an entirely accurate assessment. The Vos have their cities and kingdoms, and there are heroes of noble bearing among them. It's important to remember that by their own standards Vos warriors are acting with honor when they raid and pillage the lands of the Brecht or the Basarji. And while no one will ever accuse a Vos of subterfuge or subtlety, it's also true that a person always knows where he stands with a Vos warrior.
The code of courage and violent tendencies of Vos warriors and rulers have made north-eastern Cerilia a battlefield for the settling of their differences and feuds. The Vos hold "weaker" cultures in contempt and view the other peoples of Cerilia as potential slaves or enemies, but they absolutely hate each other. Travelers in Vosgaard should go to great lengths to avoid associating themselves with any particular chieftain or baronet ? it's dangerous to take sides, even by placing oneself under a chieftain's protection.
In a historical context, the Vos are most similar to the ancient Mongols or Huns. Vos technology is the least advanced of the human cultures and can be viewed as roughly equivalent to the technologies of the Dark Age cultures. There is no written version to the Vos language and only those that speak another language are literate.

[top]Vos cultural traits:

The Vos are a strong and warlike people with a rigid code of face and honor. The Vos know what it means to fight for survival ? both against their foes, and the bitter cold of their homeland.
Cultural background skills: Handle Animal, Intimidate, Spot and Survival.
Bonus to saving throws: Vos receive a +1 on Fortitude saves.
Automatic Language: Vos
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