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Arms of ValkheimArms of Valkheim

Valkheim (1/6) is in the dangerous position of being the province that shares its border with both the Blood Skull Barony and the realm of the White Witch. For this reason, Hogunmark sees it more important as a strategic land to control, than one to settle.
There are only two permanent settlements. The village, Eriksgaard, which contains the military headquarters, and the old settlement, Varrik, which tries to maintain itself as a place for travellers and traders. There are no temple, guild or source holdings in Valkheim.


During winter, the Aegilsgaard tribe stay in Valkheim. However, the few families that live in Varrik and Eriksgaard historically have links to the Halskorrik, Jarnkasspel, and Aegilsgaard people. This is not regarded as a problem by their nomadic cousins. The main tribal disputes come between the locals and visiting warriors from other provinces.
Varrik was traditionally the home of the Jarl but with the extra space and closeness to the roads, Eriksgaard now has a greater population.


The military importance of Valkheim has been recognised for many years. According to the Story of Varrig, Varrig of the Halskorrik tribe believed that the best defense for Gundviir would be to build a defensive point in Valkheim. He promised to the nomadic tribes that he only wanted a permanent trading post and fort to fend off goblins and other dangers, not a settlement. He won their support and that of the Hogun king. He settled at what is now known as Varrik. After his community survived two winters, he was made the Jarl of Valkheim.
The Jarl has changed many times over the years. Eventually, the regent of Hogunmark took the jarldom directly under their banner so as to be able to better control the military and development within the province. So currently, there is no Jarl of Valkheim. Instead, there is a steward who maintains the province for the regent. This stewardship has been passed down within the same family for over a hundred years.



Varrik is located opposite the best route east into Gundviir. It started off as a fortified trading post and eventually became the traditional home of the Jarl. However, it has never really grown beyond that. It is now primarily seen as a waypoint for travellers, or protection during emergencies. It is not large nor important enough to be regarded as a guild holding.
The fort is positioned on a rocky outcrop on a small hill that can look down on the road, see Eriksgaard in the distance (half a day's ride) and send signal fires to Gundviir and Sjaruud. The absence of a Jarl has resulted in the management of Varrik being in the hands of trader Rolf Larksson, his family and associates. They see Varrik as theirs and reject any attempts by the military or anyone other than the Queen trying to impose their will on the residents of Varrik.
It is occupied all year round but most of its business is in the sunny seasons. Its historical importance is not forgotten by the Aegilsgaard as they tend to conduct most of their trading at Varrik, rather than Eriksgaard. The clan also tends to place its winter settlement near Varrik for historical reasons.


Eriksgaard is the only permanent village in Valkheim. It is situated on the intersection of the roads north to Kingspawn in Sjaruud and west to Wulfsdatter in Gundviir through Loki's Pass in the Gundholm Hills. To the east is the Bjark River, which is only ever useable by boats in the summer.
While Varrik was set up for security reasons, Eriksgaard was started by the traders. Over the years, as the population of Hogunmark grew, they saw it as more advantageous to have a staging post at the crossroads. The land was more open than at Varrik and this allowed far more expansion and farming to be developed. The traders were drawn away from Varrik and soon the bulk of the permanent population in Valkheim was living near Eriksgaard. Even the Queen's steward of the province, Kari Dahlsdottir, lives in Eriksgaard rather than Varrik.
However, the problem with such terrain is that it draws attention to itself. The village, its roads and bridges have been "destroyed" a number of times during raids as it only has rudimentry defences. For this reason, what military there is in Valkheim now resides in Eriksgaard. Varrik is generally thought to be able to defend itself. There have not been many major raids in the last few years.

[top]Burial mounds

Ancient burial mounds dot the southwestern corner of Valkheim. The remains of many of Hogunmark's rulers rest there, including those of Wjulf and his daughter Breyana.

[top]Military forces

Eriksgaard is the local headquarters to Queen Freila's scouts, though they are rarely seen there. Most of the time, these Pine Walker's are out patrolling from Jarnborg to Hjolgrun. The scouts are mainly locals to the areas which they patrol.
Occasionally a unit of archers are sent to Valkheim from their normal garrison at Bjarkheim or Fjoltyr. This sometimes results in various disputes. While the locals are pleased for the added protection, their remoteness means that the visiting warriors do not welcome the loss of the comforts they are used to.
The leader of the archers tends to outrank the leader of the Walkers, but is in turn outranked by the Steward. This can cause some tension and breakdowns in the chain-of-command. An outstanding dispute between the command of the Walkers and the Hogun military is the fact that the military doesn't control the fortifications in Varrik. The Walkers want it to stay that way as they have little need for such things. They like to stay in Eriksgaard with their family and friends. The visiting military argues unsuccessfully that more should be made of such fortifications.

[top]Important figures

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