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From Parnier Vollum

My Dear Baron,

I am saddened to hear of your father's passing; Heirl Diem was a great man and leader. His keen tactical mind and ability to strike diplomatic arrangements with necessary people has kept our beloved kingdom from the disintegration set on track by your great grand father Herron. I will now inform you of the nature of or nation.

I mean no disrespect towards your lineage. Despite the loss of Roesone and Medoere, you have nonetheless inherited a strong kingdom with mighty regency. It is this strength that makes you the most powerful Regent on the Southern Coast. The Shaelinn Road is the heaviest traveled road of all of Southern Anuire. It is the only link to the Imperial City. At your very whim you could cut trade to the capital of the empire and the Chamberlain knows it. Because of this geographic holding, the Diem family enjoys some influence in Anuire City.

The people of Diemed are a lawful, hardworking lot, my Lord, though many commoners suffer the fallout effects of the Moon-strike. Poverty and famine in some parts of our country are staggering. The Orthodox Imperial Temple of Haelyn sees to the worst of the homeless and guides the spirituality of the rest of the Barony. The church has the heart of the people and the strict social guidelines of their faith helps to maintain order in our realm. When chaos does erupt and the criminal and lawless run about, it is the people of Diemed who are the quickest to act. Fiercely lawful, the people take great offense at criminal activity and 'Mob Justice' is not uncommon. Public punishment is not done as an act of entertainment but to placate often times furious citizens. When not gathered around a courthouse or the gallows, Diemans tend to spend their time riding horses, fishing, and farming. Jousting is a very popular sport in Diemed and is the preferred form for dueling. This love of riding and jousting is also seen in our armies my lord.

Speaking of the army, our men stand ready to defend our country and reclaim our lost territory. Many feel the burn of the moon-strike closely. General Jarod Enlien, the recognized heir to the realm of Braeme, is the commander of Diemed's troops. He is undyingly loyal to our kingdom and would never betray us to his sister, the usurper. Four hundred Knights, four hundred cavalry men, and four hundred infantrymen make up our current army, though we can afford more during wartime. General Enlien has trained our troops well. Our spies report that his desire to reclaim his birthright may have a slight unhealthy bent to it. He might also be suffering from his experiences at Moonstrike Keep. We should watch him closely. Scandalous rumors have placed your sister around Enlien. Your father wanted to marry Lasica off; you should look into it before she becomes 'un-wife like'.

As for our naval power, Admiral Vasil Dekkar, stands ready to take Albiele Island. This was your father's final initiative before his passing. Once we colonize the island, it will be a simple task for us to assault the coast of our rebellious territories. Dekkar runs a tight ship, and some men report that he is a harsher taskmaster than General Enlien. Despite the scandal he suffered at the discovery of Vos religious items on his person, your father trusted Dekkar and I would recommend keeping him on.

The Noble houses of Diemed each hold the responsibility of maintaining the Baron's law in their lands and to answer the call to arms. There are four major Noble houses in Diemed and two minor; Maedhaenewe, Elorae, Volarae, Enlien, Vollum, and Bhaerlin, respectively. Of all the Noble houses the Elorae and Volarae family have been the most indispensable: The Elorae's have birthed some of Diemed's greatest heroes, and members of the previous generation of Volarae's saved your father from numerous assassination attempts. Aeric Maedhaenewe is the finest Horseman in all of Diemed and leads a company of cavalry inside Moere along with being the Count of that Province. Seriene Maedhaenewe, Aeric's sister, is the Countess of Duene. She is adamant about enforcing Dieman laws in her lands and she has always found a way to heed the Baron's call to arms. Many of the victims of the Moon-strike hailed from the Province of Duene and its effects are felt strongest there. Allistar Volarae has passed the mantle of the Count onto his son Aedan in the province of Tier. Aedan is a capable warrior and commands a cavalry unit from Tieren Castle. Tier, of all our provinces, receives the most of the Spiderlord's attentions. Goblin and Gnoll activity there is always a threat, though the past decade has been free from the Spider's raids. Aedan is a welcome presence in the area.

Lavalan Briesen, Arch prelate of the Orthodox Imperial Temple sends his wishes for a prosperous reign, as does his political rival Prelate Cardinal Malik. Malik has risen to fame recently in the temple at Moere and good majorities of the parishioners are calling for him to replace Briesen. Malik is very ambitious and preaches a doctrine against other faiths, while Briesen is more tolerant and a better diplomat. On this matter I leave it up to you to decide.

As for the guilds, Guilder Kalien of Endier and El-Hadid of Ilien vie for control of the nation's commerce. This is an area we should take great interest in. Our Spies report that Kalien is in league heavily with the criminal Macceln family and his competitor, Orthien Tane, is no better. Your father had no love for law-breakers and either do your citizens. El Hadid of Ilien is not well liked but is very influential along the southern coast. One can only assume that he is still angry at our seizure of his sea trade route from Ciliene to Seaward, though he has done nothing despite the year that has passed. Your father never issued a legal reason for his decree and no one argued its installment. While he has no apparent illegal enterprises, it is rumored that El Hadid's ships are the source of much of Anuire's 'cinna-spice' problem. Meanwhile his cattle and cloth guilds are very popular in Diemed and employ half of the citizenry. The Guilder from Ilien sends a gift of gems from his homeland valued at 2000 gold. He hopes the gift will convince you of his intentions and friendship.

Avanil sends a gift of 2 GB to help our transfer of power during these turbulent times. His ambassadors also hint at a prospective alliance between our realms. While it might strengthen our country in the short run, I would advise against it. You have a rightful claim to the seat of empire. If our cards are played right, we might seize the Iron Throne ourselves.

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