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Duene is a continuation of the coastline from Aerele and stretches all the way to Medoere. Along this stretch the coast is generally characterized by the same cliffs that one find in Aerele. Where these cliffs give way and relatively flat land can be found close to the sea there is always a village or town to be found. It is from these places the majority of the province?s income in made, through fishing in the strait and from harvesting other resources from the sea this quite untamed province contributes significantly to Dieman trade and commerce.
Inland from the cliffs the landscape takes on more and more of the characteristics of eastern Diemed, with rolling hills interspersed with small woods stretching into Tier. Most of this land is not as heavily cultivated as land in the Maesil valley, but there are a large number of fruit orchards that produce citrus fruits and olives in abundance. While the quality might not have suffered over the generations, one can find a good number of abandoned orchards and villages in the northern hills, a testimony to the diminishing importance of the region. Where the land has become abandoned it has become common for small farmers to keep small herds of goats or sheep grazing amongst the woods and ruined farmhouses.


There are few towns of note in Duene, with the largest being Jaerlen. This fishing town is located roughly midway along the coastline of the province, and is the seat of the current Count of Duene, Lord Duhwile Duene. The town is, like most Dieman towns, steeped in tradition and the way of life have for the most part not changed much over the passing centuries. It is still an important fishing port, and one can see the fishermen in their brightly painted boat sailing out in the morning to bring in the days worth of anchovies and other small fish. The local specialty is a mix of various local fishes preserved in brine and spiced.

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The Southern Trade Road passes through Duene on its way to Ilien from Aerele. While there is significantly more traffic on this route than on the northern through Tier, it is still far less than what used to pass by during the height of the empire. Part of the reason is the lack of repair on parts of the road over the last generations, but there is also increasing competition from the increasing transport by ships along the South Coast. As long as the Duke manages to stay out of a war with either Mieres or Ilien, the two main naval powers on the South Coast, it is relatively safe and much cheaper to move things along the coast.


Duhwile Duene, Count of Duene: Duhwile is the second cousin of Richard Duene, Count of Seamist of Taeghas
Julitta Bhailie, Countess of Duene

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