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Moere is the north-western province of Diemed, taking up the space cornered of by the free county of Endier in the north and the Maesil running lazily towards the sea in the east. The defining features of the province are the wide river plains sloping gently towards the Maesil in the west, and the looming dark of the Spiderfell in the east. Located in a key spot for the control of access to both Southern Coast and the Heartlands, this province has seen its fair share of wars and battles. More than any other area in the region the hills are characterized by the keeps and castles standing proudly in the skyline. While most of these are occupied by nobles from families small and large, these also include a goodly number of burned out husks and ruins that remind everyone of the price paid for war.
The people of Moere have always been some of the most crafty and industrious in Diemed. With the ascendancy of Endier as a key center for trade this has only increased. All trade from Endier heading for the South Coast passes through the area, with the Northern Trade Road passing east towards Tier and a well used continues south to Ciliene where it joins with the Southern Trade Road. A significant number of locals make a living out of catering for these travelers, and it is not uncommon to meet groups of merchants making their way in one direction or the other. The main trades in the area are still those linked to agriculture. Part of the fertile Maesil river valley, the agricultural surplus is sent throughout Diemed and beyond. The villages of Moere are famous for their hundred cheeses of excellent quality. It is said Michael Roele himself favored the cheeses from one of the Moeran villages, but the villages have never managed to agree upon which one with each claiming to have been the one favored.


The largest city in Moere is Moerel. It is located in the northwestern part of the province on the banks of the Maesil River. In addition to being the centre of this rich province, it is also the largest city in Diemed. As the capital of Aerele continuously lost importance as a power center in Diemed during the previous centuries the population fell dramatically and poverty came to characterize the city. Moerel on the other hand managed to retain much of its importance, and hence population during this period. This is mostly due to the city being located in a primarily agricultural region, who?s surplus was in high demand throughout the entire period. Thus the city managed to not only keep its population, but also slightly grow as a center for trade and craft in the region.
Moerel is one of the few cities in Anuire with proper city walls. While not as heavily fortified as Ilien or Aerele, the curtain walls surrounding the central quarters of the city are large enough to keep out even a considerable army dedicated to taking the city. The walls have been added to many times through the history, with new quarters protected as the city grew and dangers encroached on the region. The Caer Moer is at the heart of these fortifications and lies on a steep hill overlooking the bridge over the Maesil. A thick wall of ancient origin surrounds the hill itself, with the manors of the baron and many lords nestled in the shadow of the castle.
Inside the main town walls one can find the administrative quarter, the noble quarter and the quarters of the riches merchants and craftsmen. These are found between the hill of the caer and the hill of the great cathedral. Where the road passing between these two intersects the main road coming up from the river is the old market of the town. This market has later been reduced in importance for the general populace with the more markets appearing in the outer quarters of town. Today the transactions taking place at the old market is predominantly of the wholesale kind, with merchants coming to bid for whole loads arriving from other regions.
Surrounding this city center is a series of smaller quarters where one can find the majority of the population. The central quarters of the city are open to all, but most people tend to avoid the area unless they have some errands to do there. Unless you are somebody of importance it is far too easy to come underfoot of the nobles or wealthy merchants about their business way in haste and such folk in Diemed are rarely forgiving of mistakes made by their inferiors.

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The most impressive feature in Moere is the Haelynite cathedral in Moerel. The cardinal of the OIT has recently moved his court here from Aerele. The cathedral itself is an architectonic masterpiece, in addition to being a well-fortified compound. In the last two years construction work done at the cardinal?s orders have changed the old religious compound to be almost as impregnable as the caer itself. In addition to a large church administration and center for canonical law, the compound also holds the barracks and training grounds for the knights and templars of the church.
The last bridge to span the Maesil goes from Moerel to the Avanese town on the other side of the river. The White Bridges of Moerel are a majestic piece of engineering, spanning the large river and allowing ships to pass underneath as well. A heavy toll is charged on everybody using the bridge on the Dieman side. This is something the Avanese nobility has contested for as long as anybody can remember, but the Dieman nobles have managed to keep their customary rights though a combination of politics and muscle flexing.
It is said that the bridge was built with the help of arcane magic, and some scholars even hypothesize that some form of magic forces are still working to hold it up. Commoners and intellectuals all tend to agree, for no normal feat of engineering can make a bridge span so great a distance. The clerics of OIT dispute this outright of course, as the thought of arcane magic so close to the heart of their faith is intolerable. If it is true that magic helps hold the bridge up, the danger of somebody tampering with it is very real.


The most important noble family in Moere is House Geren. Baron Geren is currently the lord of the province directly, with the previous count summarily executed for treason. The circumstances are a bit suspicious, and the rumors say that the baron caught the count red-handed in raping Geren?s daughter.
Not surprisingly the cardinal now wields a large influence in the province after his move from Aerele. Some say that most of the nobles from the smallest hedge knight to the baron himself follow every command of the Cardinal without hesitation.

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