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Stjordvik » Svafnir Hogby
Male Rjurik Aristocrat 1/ Druid 1; CR: 2

Lord of Hogby

Lineage of Lessor Nobility

Tainted Bloodline of Reynir, 9

Neutral Medium Humanoid

VP/WP 14/12

Init +0

Languages Rjuven

AC 13, touch 12, flatfooted 11

Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +7

Speed 30 ft

Melee Atk +2 (1d6+2 /x2, masterwork club)

Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk +1 ; Grapple -3

Abilities Str 12, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 16, Cha 13

Feats: Leadership, Scribe Scroll, Alertness, Nature Sense, Animal Companion

Skills: Diplomacy 5, Gather Information 5, Handle Animal 2, Knowledge (Nature) 5,
Listen 2, Perform (Oratory) 4, Ride 5, Spot 2, Survival 3, Swim 2

Special Qualities:

Description: 6' 1", 239 lbs

Possessions: padded armor, masterwork club, cure light wounds scroll, endure elements scroll

Leadership: When Svafnir reaches 6th level, he will begin attracting followers and a cohort.

Scribe Scroll:


Nature Sense:

Animal Companion:

Svafnir Hogby.png
Typical Dialogue:

"My Eorl, Erik is not the patron only of the kings, but of all the people, and who better than the eorls to lead the people? You are here among them, and not so distant, in Hollingholmen, that you will never even see most of them in all of your days."

"My lord, Hjalmar, do you suppose that you alone are fit to quoth the scriptures? Erik is no author of a Book of Laws, yet you suppose to see Varri rule like an Anuirean emperor. The people must know their chief, or he cannot stand as their lawgiver and judge. Speak not in Erik's name again, or I shall withdraw from this council."


Svafnir Hogby is a noble by birth, but leaves the actual stewardship of his lordship in the hands of his brother, Knui Hogby, as his lieutenant. Svafnir holds a court, but is a mixture of noble center of anti-royal sentiment and druidical devotion to Erik as patron of the Rjurik people. On the road between Stradwick and Hollingholmen, Hogby is the nearest hostile court to the
royal court. When participation in the royal court seems necessary, opponents of the crown stop off at Hogby on their way to and from Hollingholmen. For this reason and just because of its proximity, Hogby is a clearinghouse of rumors and opposition talk.

Svafnir has hopes for his own place in the structure of the Emerald Spiral, and has plans to establish a holding for the Spiral in Saerskaap.

Knui Hogby, the steward of Hogby and Svafnir's brother is under the influence of the seer Toki, called silk beard. Knui granted a patent to a guilder, Freydis Jarnkasspel, who was
recommended to him by the seer, Toki. Svafnir has little to do with Toki, as druids and seers often have little interest in close cooperation. In any event, Svafnir's ambition is to be regent of a temple holding in Hogby, not the secular lordship he was born to.

Cunedda Andersson, Svafnir's grandfather was High Druid of Stjordvik for the Emerald Spiral. His wife, Jeltsje Sjoerdsson inherited the lordship of Hogby after the death of her brother, Holt Gerritsson, against the Blood Skullers. Cunedda had two children, Munin Hogby and Kalla Hogby. Both pursued the life of service to Erik. Munin stayed in Hogby and governed as lord, though he became a druid of notable influence. His wife bore him two sons, Svafnir and Knui, as well as a daughter, Freke.
Kalla wandered the land in service to Erik. Over time she has spent more and more time in the Giantdowns. She did return to Stjordvik briefly a couple of years ago to mark the sad occasion of her brother's death. There she urged the young Svafnir to seek a sacred life rather than commit himself to secular lordship.]

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