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Jaeger's Line is the guild owned by James Jaeger, commonly known as the Walrus. It claims to be a transport company who imports and exports goods for other guilds and its own stocks. However, the reality is that it gets a lot of its wealth from clients who wish to move items under the noses of the local authorities. It is also known to be able to acquire items from abroad without their owner being aware.


The Walrus was initially a ship captain working for Adina's Mercantile House, an small importing company that sold cloths, wines and food. Eventually he outplayed the guildmistress and took control of the guild's assets.

[top]Assets and holdings


The ships personally owned by the guild are:
  • Mighty Mastodon - the largest ship of the fleet, a galleon. It occasionally takes passengers.
  • The Gull - a medium size coaster, the Walrus' favourite and fastest craft.
  • Precious Pin - a small coaster with a shallow keel. It is ideal for quiet operations on inland waterways.
  • The Gibbon's Face - a small but strong cog, handy for hiding in inlets and coves. This is the oldest ship in the fleet. It was originally was called "The Lady of Grace" but after so many fixes and repairs, the Walrus thought it looked more like part of a monkey, so he renamed it.

Other ships are leased and recrewed when needed.

[top]Important People

The Walrus (MBr Awnshegh Guilder; scion of Azrai, minor; NE) - The obese guildmaster.
The guild has four main operatives who are known as the Butelbande (in Low Brecht) or the Walrus's Beadles, so named because they "get things happening" for him as his officers.
Pawel Mykarski (MVo Rog/Ftr; scion of Azrai, minor; NE) - The Walrus's second-in-command. He often travels abroad to represent the Walrus as his lieutenant.
Jan Lennar (MBr Clr (Sera)/Exp, scion of Brenna, tainted; N) - Pawel's assistant, tactician and the guild's accountant.
Jorge von Harni (MBr Rog, unblooded, CN) - their dogsbody.
Rikard d'Étoile (MAn Ftr; scion of Anduiras, tainted; CN) - chief bodyguard.

[top]Plots and Rumours

  • See how they snide:
    Count Richard Talbehr of Müden has had an exquisite cockatrice egg painted in gold and silver and decorated with gems. The Count is asking for extra guards to escort it to him from deep in Berhagen. The word is that the Walrus has a new client who is interested in acquiring similar ornamental pieces of art and Pawel Mykarski has been seen in Berhagen.
  • It's good to be back home:
    Pawel has returned to his province of birth in Vosgaard to pick up a number of female slaves for the Walrus. However, someone has been snooping around trying to determine their route.
  • Sailing on to the sun:
    One of the local fishermen has just been able to afford a new boat and other luxuries. In contrast, the Walrus has had one of his smaller boats, "The Gibbon's Face", in the dry dock for while. He has been calling it "his lemon" but seems quite happy about it. It is not clear what work is being done on it, but a call has been put out for a new crew for the Citron Caisson.

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