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Arms of the House of HollenvikArms of the House of Hollenvik



Descendants of Soti Geirthjofsson, Eorl of Hollenvik:
Soti Geirthjofsson, Eorl of Hollenvik, married to xyz:* Harald Gauksson, Eorl of Hollenvik, married to xyz::* Njall Olvisson

[top]House of Hollenvik

Your PC can be a member of the Hollenvik house. You can select one of the identified characters above, replace one of those characters with your own PC, or add a new PC.
Hollenvik was once a military house with direct political interests, but under the control of Guthrim has become a political house. Nowadays Intrigue, diplomacy, and alliances bring prestige, influence, and honor to the house of Hollenvik, not heroic deeds and martial prowess.
The scions Hollenvik have a long history fighting the enemies of Stjordvik and questing in other realms to defend the Rjurik against non-humans but the current Eorl has turned his back on this heritage. This means that many old friends and contacts have gone elsewhere and Guthrim has had to rebuild the position of his house. The house sponsors adventures to weaken the power of the crown of Stjordvik and enhance the independence of Hollenvik. If the PCs are not members of the house they can expect to encounter its members as they campaign.
If the PCs are in league with Hjalmar Helder, Heidrek Bern, and King Varri then members of the house of Hollenvik are sure to regard them as rivals - or even enemies.
Associated Classes: Aristocrat, expert, fighter, ranger, rogue, skald, and warrior.
Associated Skills: Bluff, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty), Sense Motive.
Supplies Available: The house of Hollenvik can provide mundane weapons and armor common to a huskarl, that is ringmail, kite shield, and battleaxe.

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