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High in the mountains, Thunder Abbey serves the spiritual needs of the Militant Order of Cuiraécen. Here young acolytes are trained to discipline their spirit and master weapons common to the Militant Order. The Order believes that one must master oneself before one can master battle. High in the peaks, among the clouds, the more spiritual meditations of the monks is said to occur in the presence of the Stormlord himself. The Order patrols the province with the approval of the count, and keeps an eye on both Alamie and the Five Peaks, but its main purpose is training and spiritual development.
Thunder Abbey is home to two groups of devoted followers of Cuiraécen. One are the Spears of Cuiraécen the other are the Fearless Brothers.
The Spears of Cuiraécen are a militant order of soldiers who fight with spears in ways that are alleged to come to them from the Stormlord himself. The regard any business other than war as beneath their special skills. Ghonallison is a province rich in gold and silver, and others would take it in a moment if not for the Spears at Thunder Abbey. They'll march into the Five Peaks or Alamie at a moment's notice and bring terrible victory in their wake.
The Fearless Brothers are a dedicated and spiritual order of heralds who undertake the most dangerous missions a herald can see. They spend their time in prayer, mediation, and exercise, maintaining a peak of physical and pious readiness.

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