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Haes (Large town): Conventional; AL TN, NG; 3,000 gp limit; Assets 720,000 gp; Population 4,800* (adult population, total population is over 6,000 people; human 96%, dwarf 2%, halfling 1%, other 1%).

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The capital of Tuornen sits just accross the Tuor River from Alamie's capital - Haes and Lofton were once on city. However, after the civil war that rent the land, the city split in two. Tuornen's Haes now dominates the river traffic, keeping the bulk of the bounty away from Lofton. The walled city kept out several Alamien invasions, and bears permanent scars of proof. The Haesians in particular, and Tuors in general, look at these scars and remember the necessity of freedom from Alamien rule.
The Tuor River flows past the door of Haes, merging into the River Maesil just north of Endier. The river, Tuornen's main trade route, makes the city of Haes a veritable seaport. From the northern hills and mountains and the western forest come plethora of goods - lumber, furniture, gold, silver, and coal - that other parts of Anuire desperately need. Though no Imperial Capital, Haes remains one of the Heartland's main cities, bringing traders and visitors from all over to buy, trade, and see the sights.
Home to over 6,000 people, the city of Haes is the second oldest in all Tuornen and serves as the domain's heart of culture, commerce and governement. Even efore the break with Alamie, Haes had begun to outstrip her sister city in size, poplation, commerce and grandeur. Now its tall river walls stand pocked with decades of scarsfrom catapult stone; Gilgaed refused to mend damage that did not threaten the strength of the walls, intending the holes to serves as mute reminders of danger from just accross the river.
Montros, Count of Haesrien, rules the province, but because most of the population resides in Haes he delegates many responsabilities to the city's mayor, Brynaen Shander. Brynaen is another of those rare comlon folk who have risen to high station in Tuornen. Unlike Willam Redstaff, however she is no provincial fool and runs the city efficiently. Except for sharp dislike things Alamien, she is well known for her objectivity and fairness. Her estranged husband and children live in Lofton; she lives with only a small staff in her Haes manor.

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