jarls and ethlingsjarls and ethlings

Ethling is one of the classes in Rjurik society. The others being jarl (or "earl") which is made up of regional chieftains and actual kings; the karl class or the freemen class, and the thrall class, or serf class. An Ethling is part of the Aristocracy. In Rjuven society, the Ethlings were formed of minor family chieftains. Back in the days before Mount Deismaar, they received -- and maintained -- their position in a number of ways.

Some, like the kings of Skane, united their areas of country using warriors to bring stability. Others were leaders in adventure, war, or piracy (the kings of Rjuvik are a great example of the third). And others, like the dynasty of Stjordvik, based their position on landed wealth and trade.

After Mount Deismaar and the Anuirean Empire, however, everything changed for the Ethling class. Although a hereditary nobility even before Deismaar; those with the bloodlines of the gods coursing through their veins changed the shape of this social class. Most Ethlings now resemble the feudal classes of Anuire to the south, now.

note: the word ethling is the root of the word earthling.

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