Skane was one of four kingdoms absorbed by the White Witch. It included the provinces of Kandalask, Soroya, Torne in the Realm of the White Witch; and the province of Jarnborg of Hogunmark at one time. The province of Jarnborg was lost to Hogunmark when Hogunmark was founded.

One of the original kingdoms of the Rjurik that existed since Roele's time, Skane was ruled by a line of kings and ethlings. The land was cold and frosty then, but during the summer it was well warm enough to grow crops. Still, the people of Skane had to import meat during the long winter months and they depended on the farms of Stjordvik along the taelshore to provide beef, lamb, and pork. Poultry and fish, there was a lot of.

Skane was ruled by four dynasties during the Anuirean Empire, all carrying the blood of Reynir. The last of the fourth dynasty, Wudga the Weak, was slain by the White Witch herself. But his bloodline carried to his heirs, who escaped into Hogunmark, and then to Brechtur for safety. The White Witch then divested them of their lands and merged Skane into her Realm.

Special Note: The kingdom of Skane actually takes its name from an ancient Norse Kingdom during the reign of Hrothgar of Denmark.

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