A thrall is a person in Rjurik society who has limited rights, is bound to a master, and is accounted for as no more than cattle. Members of this servile class do much of the heavy farm work. Thralls are generally uncommon, as a healthy Rjurik society does not find many men so miserable that they would surrender their freedom. Perhaps 10% of the population is in thrall to other men, whether freemen or nobles. Thralls are roughly the equivalent of the Anuirean serf.
Thralls are found mostly found in Halskapa and Svinik, Rjuvik and the realm of the White Witch. In Halskapa and Svinik, thralls tend to be people convicted of criminal or anti-social behavior, or, more rarely, bankrupt debtors. It is rumored that the raiders of Rjuvik sometimes capture Anuireans or Brecht and enforce thralldom upon these unfortunates - and that Rjurik thralls exist from the days before Fulgar the Bold banned raiding other Rjurik realms). The White Witch is said to make thralls of those who refuse to obey her laws and also of those who make war upon her, it is said that she keeps many goblins and orogs as thralls, captured from battles with the Bloodskull Barony.

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