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Sayer of Coullabhie



GB Income
7 GB
RP Income
28 RP

22 GB
Acc. Regency
65 RP


The Sayer is one of the most important figure in the Coulladaraight and perhaps in the whole Basin.

[top]The Land

The Sayer has carefully nurtured and maintained a network of source holdings and ley lines that is impressive by any standards. Completely devoted to the protection of the Coulladaraight and the elven kingdom of Coullabhie, she has turned her magic toward securing the elven realm. As a result, few humans cross the borders of the forest and come out alive.


Once, the elves of the Coulladaraight controlled all the magical holdings within the ancient forest, and many more besides. They appointed one leader, a Sayer, who would govern the use of magical energies within the tree-realm. The Sayer Camyrynnyd Bullahrie has been the regent of this source network for longer than most of the elves of Coullabhie have been alive. She remembers the coming of humanity to the Great Bay region, and she knows the history of every kingdom surrounding the Great Bay.


With the elves’s influence over Cerilia much diminished and magic very much changed, the Sayer of Coullabhie keeps control of as much mebhaighl as she can in order to protect her realm and keep it out of the hands of mortal wizard.
If she had chosen, she could have used her magical powers to repel or dominate the Brechts when they were weak and alone – or she could have assaulted them after their defeat at the hands of the Vos at Lake Ladan. But the Sayer sees the humans for what they are and what they could become. Instead of warring with them, she uses her magical powers to keep them away from her protectorate while she contemplates the past- and the future

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

While the Sayer believes in isolationism she has been known to use her most powerful sources as guild holdings on rare occasions. It is rumored that many of the finest wizards in Khinasi lands secretly trade magical items and spells with her – but always on her terms, and they are seldom, if ever, allowed in Coullabhie.

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