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The power of regency is normally passed from one individual to another through inheritance, investiture or bloodtheft. However, since regency connects its recipient to the land of Aebrynis, sometimes the land has its own say in matters and decides that the bestowing of regency should be according the Land's Choice.

The land tends mainly to override the normal procedures when the intended new regent is not "worthy". When a regent dies, his or her bloodline normally reappears in their heir or killer. However, if the Land has decided otherwise, then various things may happen.
  • A different scion becomes the new regent.
  • An unblooded person becomes blooded and becomes the new regent.
  • No new regent is appointed and the Land "holds onto" the bloodline.

Land's Choice does not require any domain actions or ceremonies. It cannot be controlled by any individual. However, a population (or part thereof) may deliberate on who may best be suited for the job of regent. If the Land agrees with the popular view, it may then bestow the regency on the public favourite.

[top]Notes for the GM

There are no strict rules as to when Land's Choice can be used and when it can't. It is an easy way to introduce new political figures and intrigue as well as give a PC a new objective. After all, the new regent may be the King's Chamberlain or his chambermaid. Just because someone is the new regent doesn't mean that they have the political talent to be a good ruler. Nor will the populace necessarily recognise their new status. Bastard sons don't become king that easily. The new regent may still have to complete some chore or quest before they are suitable for the position in the eyes of their public.

The BoP says that the chance of Land's Choice is 80% or better if a regent died without an declared heir, but there was an obvious line of succession. If the regent died without an obvious successor, then 50% of the time the Land "holds onto" the bloodline. 50% of the time the Land selects a worthy new regent. If an heir was formally appointed before the regent's death, then unworthy heirs will be overriden by the Land in 75% of cases. Even bloodtheft from regents may be overidden by Land's Choice, but this is extremely rare. It is more likely that the bloodline is "grounded", like what Michael Roele did.

If the land does not pass the regency on to any new regent, then the arrival of the champion of the public may be an option. This worthy individual may appear by their own actions, by popular acclaim or through the decision of a committee of elders etc. However, the regency would not be passed on by the Land until a major action occurs. Examples are:
  • The champion is seated on the throne or granted some symbol of the office.
  • A pseudo-Investiture ceremony occurs.
  • A major announcement is made in court or to the public.

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