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framed|Arms of Assan

Male Khinasi Paladin of Avanalae 7; CR

Lord Earl of Elinie

Lineage of Royalty

Major Bloodline of Basaia, 47

LG Medium Humanoid


Init +0

Languages Anuirean

AC , touch , flatfooted

Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed ft

Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)

Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str 13, Dex 11, Con 10, Int 10 (16), Wis 13 (18), Cha 15*

* Assan uses the low intelligence and wisdom scores while in court, and the higher values while adventuring.



Special Qualities: including linked blood abilities

Description: , lbs


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framed|Assan ibn Daouta

Typical Dialogue:

"If it be the Will of Avanalae, so shall it be done."

Lieutenant: "Sir, the elves of the Sielwode are moving. May I suggest contacting the Second Swamp Mage to have them watched?"

Assan: "Just send out scouts to watch the elves, and warn me if they cross our borders."

"So, Ghoere is moving against Roesone. I want them watched, send a party of scouts. What affects Roesone affects Elinie."


The scion of noble assassins sent by El-Arrasi to kill the Emperor of Anuire, Assan is a Paladin of Avanalae first and an indulgent second. Assan can't be bothered with ruling his realm, so he is a weak ruler by most standards. He taints the sayim of his noble ancestors by not tending to his duties in ruling his realm and indulging in the pleasures of the court. As a result, Elinie is weaker than it once was. Well, by all appearances, the Lord Earl appears weak and malleable.
Assan ibn Douta often plays the fool in his court in order to put everyone off. He's really a strong and capable ruler. But he works behind the scenes to make sure his realm is safe from Ghoere, Markazor, and the Sielwode. He often adventures in his realm to put down lesser threats and uses his army to deal with bigger problems. He controls a secret spy network in his realm to make sure his realm is safe. While in court, he plays the fool to diplomats from Ghoere and Osoerde to keep Gavin Taele and other rulers in a false sense of security where Elinie is concerned.
Assan's illustrious pedigree began with Malik bint Douta and her Khinasi forces. Sent to kill the Emperor of Anuire seven hundred years ago, they arrived in Elinie to find the Duke, Michael Eliniere, to be a man who abused his subjects. High taxes to support an opulent court, full with all the pleasures that money can buy. Plus, the entire land was ruled by the guilds at that time.
Malik then gained control of the populace and started a revolt. She led the people in an uprising against the guilds and the Duke. Using her faith in Avani to rouse the populace with arousing speeches, Malik and the people of Elinie upset the political balance and fought in the Coupe of the Sun. After three days, Malik found Michael Eliniere, and slew him with a Tighmaevril dagger. After the dust had settled, everyone cheered and Malik sat down on what would become known as the Sun Throne.
Since then, the Life and Protection of Avanalae was established, and the small force of Khinasi paladins had become the new nobility of the realm. For seven hundred years, Elinie's ties to Anuire and Khinasi had shifted, as the royal line of Elinie had to marry nobility of Khinasi realms in order to stay true Khinasi. But the line wasn't without its problems.
Elinie had its ineffectual rulers and tyrants. Jamal the Greedy was a Guilder regent of the realm during the time of Michael Roele. Loyal first to his pocket book, and second to the Roeles, Jamal was easily bossed around when Michael had made his push to defeat the Gorgon.
Jasmine II, Assan's second great grand aunt, was born with a homely appearance and a club foot. When she was to marry Mustafa of Binsada, he rejected her for her homely appearance. So she threw herself from the highest turret of the castle.
And finally, his shadowy uncle, Jamal ibn Douta the Third. A powerful spellcaster, Jamal received the regency when Assan's father, Mal-Akim ibm Douta, died during the Second Goblin War with Markazor. While Assan trained as a Paladin, he learned what not to do in ruling a kingdom. At that time, Jamal controlled all the sources in the Realm of Elinie. Even the up and coming Sword Mage could not get a source holding.
While keeping his law down in order to keep the population down, Jamal was tyranical because he was a sociopath. His word was Law, and he would often ally Elinie with Gavin Taele to achieve several goals. When Assan came of age, he sought to restore peace and freedom in the realm. With a company of the guard, he crept into the throne room and challenged Jamal ibn Douta III. The result was that the guard turned against Jamal, and forced Jamal to invest Assan with the regency.
Assan couldn't bring himself to kill his Uncle, so he banished him to the swamps. Then, Jamal disappeared, and most of his sources were up for grabs. Assan then reduced the rule of Law, restoring the freedom of Elinie. However, people began to report seeing the Second Swamp Mage and eyewitnesses account that he looks like Jamal.
Assan has a total of three daughters and two sons. Most are Paladins, trained in the discipline under the Life and Protection of Avanalae. His eldest son, Jamal ibn Douta, is becoming the commander of the knightly order in Elinie. His second son Asad ibn Douta, who has epilepsy, is studying to be an effective administrator. Malika bint Douta was kidnapped during one of Ghoere's bids for expansion, the War of the Jasmine. His second daughter is a Paladin Errant, doing Avanalae's will in pursuit of Evil doers like Droene the Ogre. The third daughter, Jasmine bint Douta is not training as a paladin. She wants to be a dancer, and is studying dance in a small Laerme shrine located in Sendouras.
His wife, Rashida, is sickly and has a chronic cough. So far, the priests can't cure it, and Rashida is slowly getting weaker. Assan has silently promised himself that he would retire if the priests of Avanalae can't cure his wife and she dies. However, he doesn't trust the regency to any of his offspring.

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