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Over 2,000 years ago, the elven wizard Ghoigwnnwd created over a dozen weapons from an experimental metal he named tighmaevril, though it also goes by the Anuirean nickname bloodsliver. Weapons made of tighmaevril have special properties that allow bloodtheft. Scholars believe that most, if not all, tighmaevril weapons are currently held by the Gorgon.
The mysteries of forging weapons from tighmaevril were known only to Ghoigwnnwd. The metal is difficult to work in any manner and the DC to craft any item from it is increased by 10. Only Ghoigwnnwd or someone who has studied directly from him has the ability to craft or repair weapons from tighmaevril. Ghoigwnnwd had no known apprentices and diligently guarded his secrets.
Some scholars hold to another view regarding the creation of tighmaevril. The elves are certainly known to work magic into the very fabric of their craftings, but the secrets of mining and refining ores and smithing are believed to have been known to the dwarves only. Certainly no elven mine was found by the humans of Cerilia during their conquest of the elven lands. These scholars postulate that Ghoigwnnwd must have had the aid of a dwarven master smith to forge tighmaevril. In this case, a would-be artificer of tighmaevril would have to know both the secrets of elven magic and dwarven smithing in order to craft an item of tighmaevril or the assistance of someone who held the knowledge - and neither dwarves nor elves reveal such secrets readily.
It should be noted that tighmaevril was first crafted before Deismaar. It was not intended as a weapon against scions, although that is the use for which it became infamous. Some suggest that the metal was forged because it would readily hold magic, while others say that the Sidhelien wanted a weapon against some fell horror of the Shadow World.

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