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One of the guiding principles of the Khinasi is Sayim. This can translate as 'face' or 'honor' and reflects the social standing and godliness of the Khinasi. There is nothing more humiliating for a Khinasi than to admit Sei bhada hejj-sayim (I am without face) and such an admission is inevitably followed by a period of self-imposed exile.
Those who pay lip service to Avanis creed of sayim tend to maintain the outward appearance of respectability but ignore its precepts whenever they would be discomforted by them. These Khinasi tend to consider appearance more important than motive or action, these Khinasi tend to seek to justify their actions where they would otherwise lose faith. To other Khinasi sayim is not an external code of the community, but represents their internal quest for honor. Those few Khinasi who stand before their peers to admit their loss of sayim are generally of the latter sort.

[top]Avani's creed

Avani's creed for 'being someone who lives a good life' is interpreted in various ways by different Khinasi but generally includes:
  • Be charitable to those less fortunate
  • Be generous and kind
  • Be honest
  • Be polite
  • Grant hospitality to others
  • Keep your promises - no matter how lightly given
  • Never harm one with whom you have shared salt
  • Respect those who are learned
  • Respect Avani and her servants celestial and wordly
  • Seek to better yourself in all things
  • Show anger only in the face of evil and to seek its defeat

In the plains states the Khinasi emphasize piety and devoutness, islanders are more likely to take a relaxed view to sayim readily forgiving lapses caused by passion or indolence. The Khinasi of the Zhainge Valley and the Drocandragh look more to the face/honor interpretation.
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