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Entrance to the AbbeyEntrance to the Abbey

Located pland in Hidaele, the Honeysuckle Abbey is a place of teaching, meditation, and contemplation. A network of small buildings emphasizes the gardens rather than draw attention to large structures.
Every child at the temple in Haelyn's Bastion of Truth is taught the five perfumed virtues and the floral scents associated with them. Those who become temple disciples learn the one hundred and eight varieties of flowers in the yearlong garden and their associated legends and symbolism.
Once inducted into the priesthood, a novitiate journeys to Honeysuckle Abbey and learns to concoct the Heavenly Aromas used in the Seven Annual Ceremonies and the Five Rites of Life. Here the novitiate studies the writings and teachings of Fitzalan and Janna many tounged in detail and with great study. After this, some study of important sections of the Book of Laws are studied, usually alongside Fitzalan's commentaries. The history of Haelyn's temples, some ecclesiastical law, and oratory round out the training here.
Because of the training every priest receives here, many journey back for mediation and to get back to the roots of their spiritual journey. Others find its beauty and the environment perfect for meditation and contemplation.
Honeysuckle Abbey is also one the favored spots for meetings with druids of the Oaken Grove. The druids find the orderly gardens and the thoroughly planned, indeed didactic arrangements to be foreign and quite different from their own regard for nature, but there is no denying, in the presence of students gardening as a sacred duty, that the Bastion loves and preserves nature in their own way. Whatever differences there may be between the people of Erik and Haelyn, they are both capable of resolving issues through discussion. In the face of the rapacious guilders and the pernicious doctrines of Sarimie, druids of the Oaken Grove are frequently put in a state of mind at Honeysuckle Abbey that they share as much with the Bastion as they do with the Emerald Spiral.

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