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Albert Khorien was Count of Taeghas and grandfather of the current ruler, Harald Khorien. He ruled in the time when Borric Boeruine and Veladin Avan contended for the Iron Throne. Taeghas was neutral at that time and alternated its attentions between Boeruine and Avanil hoping to play them off against one another. Albert was a capable diplomat and politician and was able to protect his realm in this way.
His wife was Ailbhie Isilviere, of the prestigious Isilviere family. They had two sons and three daughters. Alfred Khorien succeeded as Count of Taeghas. Roger Khorien succeeded to his mother's title and was Count of Bayside. Their daughters were Aithne Khorien, Ailbhie Khorien, and Niamh Khorien.
To advance closer relations with Boeruine, Albert married his second son Roger to Aurelia Boeruine, Borric's daughter, and so also the sister of Aeric Boeruine

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