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Aithne Khorien is the aunt and designated heir of Harald Khorien, the Count of Taeghas. Until he marries and bears a healthy heir, she will remain next in line. Her nephew is young and seeking a bride, so she does not expect to inherit.
Aithne is the daughter of Albert Khorien and Ailbhie Isilviere. Her brother, Alfred Khorien died not long ago in raids by Rhuobhe Manslayer. Her other brother, Roger Khorien then waged the War of Taeghean Succession to seize the realm from her nephew, Harald. Aithne had no choice but to clearly and unambiguously support Harald, owing to her Avanese connections. Her husband Richard Cale, fought in the war in a company of knights. Her husband, Richard, is the son and heir of Boerlan Cale, the Count of Bhrein. The old Count is quite elderly now, but shows no sign of waning.
Aithne and Richard have three children, all in their teens: Richard Boerlan Cale, William Morier Cale, and Laera Cale.
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