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Geneology of Roger Khorien

Roger Khorien is the second son of Albert Khorien and Ailbhie Isilviere. Their older son, Alfred Khorien was Count of Taeghas. Ailbhie was the heiress of the county of Bayside, and when she died, her son Roger succeeded her as Count of Bayside.
He held this title until he took up arms against his nephew, Harald Khorien in an attempt to become Count of Taeghas with the support of his brother-in-law, Aeric Boeruine. These events took place during the War of Taeghean Succession.
He is married to Aurelia Boeruine, the daughter of Borric Boeruine. He has two adult children, Geoffrey Khorien and Dáire Khorien. His daughter, Dáire is married to Count Harran Tielen of Rivien and is concerned with her family and their political fortunes in Boeruine. Geoffrey burns with hostility over the loss of Bayside and Taeghas. It is his single-minded ambition to recover Bayside and obtaining Taeghas by force of Boeruine's arms seems like the best way to do it.
Roger is now an old man in his dotage.

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