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Wizard of Rheulgard


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Rheulaan Greencloak appeared in Brechtur over a century ago. He slowly built up his sources, keeping his identity almost a complete secret. He amassed power by acquiring the holdings of Brecht wizards who died without passing their sources to heir.


Rheulaan seldom engages in outright confrontation, and has used his magics to disrupt military and magical attacks between realms of the Eastern Basin States. Recently, he has become involved in a minor dispute with the Sayer of Coullabhie over some source holdings, but no magical blows have been struck…yet.

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[top]Plots and Rumours

Within the last year or so, rumors about Rheulaan’s origin have begun to circulate. Some supposed experts speculate that he could be from a place other than Cerilia – perhaps Aduria, Thaele, or another world entirely. No evidence exists to confirm this rumor, but it does add to the mistery surrounding the wizard of Rheulgard.

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