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Brought into the Empire by Gladian Roele (emperor 83-93 HC), who named the new territory after his favorite concubine, the settlement and organization of Talinie was part of the program to settle and civilize the Northern Marches. Each province was independent and theoretically directly obedient to the Emperor. The death of Michael Roele and the end of the Empire effectively made each of the Talinien provinces independent. Like all of the realms which succeeded the Empire, these fought wars with one another over matters which were once settled by the Imperial Courts, the Imperial Temple, and the Imperial Chamberlain.
Talinie fell into conflict and chaos for many generations. As the Imperial Temple collapsed, religious heterodoxy was a great cause of conflict in addition to a variety of political disputes. This period of warfare and conflict between the people of Talinie is known as the Wasted Centuries.
The rise of the teacher Fitzalan unified the temples of Haelyn under the banner of a Northern Imperial Temple, bringing both warpriests and lawpriests together into one organization. The War of the Candles was the last religiously motivated war during the Wasted Centuries and marks the end of that period in ecclesiastical history.
Politically, Talinie remained divided for another generation until the War of Greensward Succession propelled Jarod Dannis to victory at the Battle of Ice Haven, and allowed Jarod to unify Talinie under the nominal rule of his infant son, Edrand I. The unification of Talinie under Jarod and the investiture of Talinie under Edrand I marks the end of the Wasted Centuries completely.

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