War of the Candles

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Before the founding of Talinie, during the "Wasted Centuries", each individual province was supposed to be governed from the City of Anuire, where temporal and spiritual matters would be decided by Imperial Officials. But without the Empire, small contentious factions of priests and nobles banded together to fight every other faction in a war of all 'gainst all. Several priests created attractive and innovated approaches that won followings and secular champions. Continued violence over matters of politics and faith eventually saw the rise of two rival interpretations of Haelyn's message, one based on the lawpriests revering Haelyn first as the Lawmaker, and a second sect based on warpriests, understanding Haelyn primarily as the Lord of Noble War. This conflict is known as the War of the Candles because each sect preferred a different number of candles to be lit on Haelyn's altar.

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