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At the end of the Wasted Centuries, before Talinie was unified, each provinces was independent and theoretically directly obedient to the Emperor. The death of Michael Roele and the end of the Empire effectively made each of the Talinien provinces independent. These petty realms fought with one another frequently during the Wasted Centuries for not only political purposes, but as the Imperial Temple collapsed, religious heterodoxy was a great cause of conflict as well.
The War of Greensward Succession occurred when Ian Norvil died and the succession was disputed between Aidan Norvil, the old Earl's brother, and Iantha Norvil, his daughter. Iantha's cause was carried forward by her new husband, Jarod Dannis, while Aidan raised an army with allies in Lindholme.
The war started with Count Jarod of Ice Haven having won several minor successes, but soon his rivals combined to crush him. In 319 MR, they seized the town of Scalpay and advanced on Nowelton. Count Jarod met them on an open field and battle was joined. The so-called Battle of Ice Haven was a tremendous success for Count Jarod, and his enemies were defeated. Jarod assembled his defeated rivals and his allies in the small keep near Scalpay. The keep had succumbed to siege and was in bad shape, the only furniture that remained being a wooden chair, the rest having been broken up and burned to warm soldiers before and after the siege.
Jarod was cunning enough to know that his rivals were not ready to accept him as a lord, and so agreed to select one who would be lord on the condition that all acknowledge him as such. This agreement secured, Jarod selected his three year old son, Edrand, and placed him on the wooden chair, the first throne of the new realm of Talinie. To this day the wooden throne of Talinie is called the Oak Seat.
The War of Greensward Succession ended with the formation of Talinie under the leadership of Jarod Dannis, and the recognition of Iantha as Countess of Greensward. Iantha was succeeded by the younger son of Jarod and Iantha, Ramsay Dannis, who was born at the seat of Greensward and was known as Ramsay of Riedhie. His successors still rule Greensward, including Leith Riedhie and his daughter, Siobhie Riedhie

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