Toki silkbeard

Stjordvik » Toki silkbeard
Male Rjurik Scholar 5/ Sorcerer 5; CR: 10

Advisor to the Steward of Hogby, agent of the White Witch

Lineage of lesser nobility

Minor Bloodline of Basaïa, 13

NE Medium Humanoid

VP/WP 21/8

Init +5

Languages Rjuven

AC 11, touch 10, flatfooted 10

Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +8

Speed ft

Melee Atk +2 (1d6-1 /x3, shortspear)

Ranged +4 (1d4-1 /x2, sling)

Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str 8, Dex 12, Con 8, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 14

Feats: Summon Familiar, Scribe Scroll, Improved Initiative, Dodge, Spell Focus (Divination),
Skill Focus (Concentration), Craft Wand

Skills: Bookbinding, 5, Bluff 6, Calligraphy 5, Concentration 7+2, Forgery 3, Gather Information 7,
Knowledge (Arcana) 10, Knowledge (Geography Rjurik Lands) 8, Knowledge (Rjurik History) 7,
Perform (Persuasion) 5, Profession (Scribe) 5, Sense Motive 5, Spellcraft 7, Lore (Pyromancy) 5,
Lore (Arcane Writing) 5, Lore (Birds) 2

Special Qualities: including linked blood abilities

Description: 6' 2", 162 lbs

Possessions: shortspear, sling, robes of a Rjurik seer, potion of cure moderate wounds,
potion of invisibility, 2 scrolls of invisibility, 2 scrolls of Alter Self, 1 scroll of Knock,
Wand of Burning Hands, Wand of Flaming Sphere.

Spells: Wizard spells per day 5/4/3/1; spells prepared: Detect Poison , Flare, Mage Hand,
Detect Magic, Read Magic, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Identify, Burning Hands
Detect Thoughts, Flaming Sphere, Dispel Magic, Fireball
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Typical Dialogue:

"By Erik's name! The king is a scoundrel to say such things. Your brother is a servant of Erik, and his wisdom and learning have shown him the foolishness of kings. Show the king with what low esteem he is regarded in Hogby and oppose his attempt to establish a guild here. That right which is yours to bestow belongs in the hands of one whom you favor. Maychance it is prudent to recruit a loyal and friendly guilder to serve you as chiefmost merchant in your brother's lordship."

"Good guilder Freydis, our master, the White Witch, has received our efforts with great favor. See this sack of stones. Gemstones of great value. Using your access to the other guilders, exchange these stones for coin. Purchase the highest quality tallow, enough for a dozen candles, and the purest brimstone and iron, no less than two pounds each. Find a goldsmith in Viborgand have him craft the image of a sunburst according to these drawings. Tell him it will be a pendant. The dimensions must be exactly to scale. Our mistress has funded this project and expects results. "


Rather tall above six foot, but thin and somewhat frail, Toki is that rare individual among the Rjurik, a wizard. Not only has he embraced this feared class, but he has the patronage of the White Witch. As such, Toki must keep his true self a secret from all but those he can control. Instead, he masquerades as a seer and has insinuated himself into the role of adviser to Knui Hogby, brother and steward to Svafnir Hogby, lord of Hogby. Through cunning, deception, and honeyed words, Toki has taken control of the law holding of the lordship of Hogby. He started by influencing Knui's policy, and then by influencing his selection of personnel. At present a good fraction of the law holding's true loyalty lies with Toki. Much of what remains respects Toki's wisdom and presumed role as a Rjurik seer. His influence over Knui, which is quite profound, completes the picture. Toki continues to extend his reach over the holding.

Not too long ago, Knui granted a patent to a guilder named Freydis Jarnkasspel. Freydis was suggested to Knui by Toki. The seer claimed certain visions which foretold prosperity for Hogby. In fact, guildmaster Freydis is also an agent of the White Witch.

Recently, Toki received resources from the White Witch to create a wand of Flaming Sphere. Toki's mission in Stjordvik is threefold. He is supposed to encourage divisions in the realm, cultivate holdings for the White Witch, and seek out the wizard Ohlaak the Dragon. The White Witch does not expect Toki to defeat or capture Ohlaak, because Toki is not nearly as powerful a wizard. Toki is an expert in pyromancy, and is expected to figure out Ohlaak's methods, hiding places, contacts, and the location of his sources. Personally, Toki also wants to capture Ohlaak's treasure, the Staff of the Oriflamme, which Toki regards as a pyromancer's most powerful tool.

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