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Sorcerous magic is rare in the Rjurik lands. Druidic and clerical magic are accepted and admired, while the workings of wizards, generally thought to be untrustworthy, secretive, and iniquitous, are to be shunned and rejected. A very few wizards, mostly in service to to respected chiefs and kings, operate in the north, but they are the exception. Most of those who do use arcane spellcraft are magicians. Magicians are practitioners of the path of lesser magic. Unable (or unwilling) to tap the great energies of the land itself to wield the powers of true magic, these arcane spellcasters specialize in the application of the less extravagant powers of the world. In Rjurik lands these are called "seers" and specialize in divination. While the term, "seer" is regarded with some slight foreboding, the words "wizard", "witch", "sorcerer", and "warlock" are insults and derogatory and often convey the sense of a distrustful schemer.
Rjurik mages, distrusted even by their kinfolk, sometimes envy the respect and acceptance enjoyed by druids. The Rjurik people fear magic and, by extension, those who command it. Wizards of this race, therefore, tend to live apart from other people and need to be largely self-sufficient. Only among those who do not know of their abilities can they move freely without drawing nervous looks.
Rjurik mages have a hard life among skeptical people and a harsh land. Their kinsmen consider the magic of druids wholesome and valuable, while arcane magic is automatically suspect. Rjurik mages favor spells from the schools of alteration, conjuration, and abjuration. Rjurik mages are noted for researching spells related to the weather. The wise Rjurik wizard learns, and teaches spells that appear natural. Rjurik mages shun spells from the school of evocation. Overt spell effects, such as those produced by evocations, call too much attention to the caster.

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