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Taeghas encompases a wide range of terrains, though all its provinces share the same temperate, maritime climate. In the north lies the edge of the Aelvinnwode. Hills dot Aerele Bay. Rivers run everywhere.







The Taeghan Outfitters have risen to importance in the aftermath of the Trade War when a local lord began to set up guild holdings to augment his land holdings. As Boeruine Trading Guild, Upper Anuire Traders, Prince's Pride, and Brosen Royal Guild struggled over Taeghas, the Taeghan Outfitters continued to expand until the War of Taeghean Succession, when Facellies Sloere seccured a promise from Harald Khorien that the Taeghan Outfitters would not have to compete with Darien Avan's allies, Prince's Pride and Brosen Royal Guild. Since that point, the Taeghan Outfitters have dominated trade in Taeghas.

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Domain Table: Taeghan Outfitters
Bayside (3/2)DA (2)DT (3)FS (2)HK (2)
AB (0)
Bhaine (6/0)DA (3)DT (4)FS (2)HK (0)
HK (3)RN (2)
Brosien (2/6)DA (1)RN (2)FS (2)HK (6)
Islien (3/4)DA (2)DT (3)FS (2)HK (4)
Portage (3/2)DA (2)DT (3)FS (2)HK (2)
AB (0)
Abbreviations: DA = Darien Avan (Avanil) HK = Harald Khorien (Taeghas); DT= Daffyd Tamaere (Peaceful Seas of Nesirie); RN = Rhobher Nichaleir (Western Imperial Temple); FS = Facellies Sloere (Taeghan Outfitters).

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