framed|The dhoura "Swift Avenger"

A dhoura is a Khinasi sailing vessel with two lateen sails used primarily along the coasts of the Ba´r el-Mehare. Dhouras are similar to galleys having both lanteen sails and oars for propulsion. The sail is used to cruise and save the rowers? energy, while the oars propelled the ship in and out of harbor and during combat. The dhoura is the favorite ship of Khinasi corsairs because its speed, mobility, capability to move without wind, and its ability to operate in shallow water -- crucial for hiding in coastal waters before pouncing on a passing ship -- make it ideal for war and piracy.
Not as big as the zebec, it cannot attack the strongest ships without surprise or some other advantage, but in terms of ships its own class, the dhoura is more than a match for its adversaries except in rough seas. But operating in the Ba´r el-Mehare, storms are reliably seasonal, and the greater threat is a calm which leaves sailing ships vulnerable.
Dhoura: Colossal vehicle; Seaworthiness +1; Shiphandling +1; Speed wind x 20 ft or oars 30 ft (average); Overall AC -3; Hull Sections 28 (sink 7 sections); section 70 hp (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Rigging Sections 1; Rigging hp 60 (hardness 0); AC 1; Ram 4d6; Mounts 2 light and 1 heavy; Space 80 ft x 20 ft; Height 10 ft (draft 10 ft); Compliment 90; Watch 6 plus 40 rowers; cargo 100 tons (Speed wind x 10 ft or oars 15 ft if 50 tons or more) cost 15,000 gp.

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