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The Protectorate of Solontara



Imperial Governorship
Azrai (State religion); Masela, Vorynn.

Grains, meats, ales, fish.
Worked tools, iron, coal, nickel, copper, fine horses.
GB Income
x GB (Province x GB; Law x GB; Trade x; Rent x GB; Tribute x GB)
RP Income
x RP (Province x RP; Law x RP)
GB Expenses
x GB (Army x GB; Fortifications x GB; Court x GB; Ports and Shipyards x GB)
x GB
Acc. Regency
0 RP (No blooded regents)
Salemi city


Solontara is a divided realm. Officially part of the Adurian Empire there has been a civil war running for the past five years. With the Empire currently involved in a long running war with Nehalim it looks unlikely that much assistance will be coming north to aid the governor in his fight against the rebels.

[top]Life and Society

As the northern most outpost of the Adurian Empire Solontara lies to the west of the massive city of Udine. To the west is the southern reaches of the Adurian Wastes and the Juh grasslands. North is the isolated land of Kiskum.

[top]The Land

?The land where the mountains meet the sea? in the words of a long dead poet Solontara is a cool land of winds and rain noted for its mines and dense population.


Cefalu (2/3) is in the north-west corner of Solontara. It is a farming community with little interesting ever happening here. Most of the food for Solontara city to the east is grown here. Unfortunately for the Governor the hills and mountains in the east of Cefalu mean that all goods must be taken along the roads to the mountain pass in Salemii.


Larcara (2/3) is situated in the far west of Solontara. It is a grassy province mainly used for herding animals. There is a road travelling from Salemii to the east into the Adurian Wastes to the west. This road was built to allow the Empire to quickly send new troops to back up the forces stationed in the Waste if Nomads or Skissshar decided to attack.


Mistagata (5/2) lies on the coastline south of Solontara. The town of Mistagata is the capital of this province. With the mountains now moving west into Salemii this province is fairly flat and fertile. Many farms dot the land and they are among the most fertile in northern Aduria. A road from Solontara city in the north travels south through Mistagata on its way to Udine in the south-east.


Salemii (5/0) sits on the southern border of Solontara. It is a mountainous province and like Solontara province is home to many mining villages. The province is also home to one of the few passes through the mountains to Juh and the Adurian Wastes. The fortified city of Salemii is built into this pass to protect against any invaders. A road travels through the city to Cefalu in the north and Larcara in the west. Anyone wishing to travel west must cross through Salemii and it is currently in the hands of the Rebel armies.


Solontara (8/0) is the largest province in northern Aduria. A large city, also called Solontara, sits on the coast and is home to the Governor and his armies. Because most of the west of the province, and even the north is hilly and mountainous there is little farming in the province. Many small mining villages and towns dot the mountains though, sending a steady stream of ore into the city for transport to Udine and other lands further south.


Solontara has had a long history as part of the Adurian Empire. It was one of the first areas conquered during the Adurian expansion 2,000 years ago and has remained part ever since. During the Skissshar invasion the empire mounted a strong defence of Solontara. For nearly a whole year the Adurian 5th and 7th legions held the mountains of Solontara, keeping the Skissshar forces at bay. Eventually the Skissshar went around Solontara and broke through the Adurian lines to the south. Soon after that the Priests of Azari from Udine routed the invaders and the war was soon ended. Because of this strong defence the lands east of the Solontara mountains were free of the Skissshar influence and survived intact. As a result these two provinces have a much higher population that the rest of northern Aduria.
Ever since the Adurian Empire first took control of Solontara from the Vos and Andu tribes the small realm has been a protectorate of Aduria. This means that it has its own Governor, despite it only being five provinces in size. For most of the past four hundred years this governor has come from the Lucius family, once a very respected family in northern Aduria. But like many others the last Governor, Gorin Lucius kept a large portion of the realms treasury for himself, funding grand building projects in his honour, including Salemii Fortress.


When the new Adurian emperor, Augustus, came to power eight years ago he sent out agents to each of the regions of Aduria and ordered any who were found to be corrupt to be executed. As a result the Governor of Solontara was one of those discovered to be corrupt and he was crucified as a warning to others.
The Governor's daughter, Lily was most upset about the death of her father and with the money he had 'set aside for harsh times' started to hire mercenaries and warriors as part of her own army. When Aduria went to war with Nehalim and most of the 5th legion left for the west Lily used her troops to take control of the second largest city in Solontara, Salemii. With the fortified city under her control she was able to withstand any attack from the new Governor's armies and was close to capturing all of Solontara. Two years ago though the Governor of Udine to the south learned of the troubles in Solontara and sent half his remaining troops into the troubles realm. Even with 3000 new soldiers entering the battle Lily had a numerical advantage. These troops however where the highly trained imperial legion, not the normal provincial soldiers and Lily?s forces have been losing steadily since the legions returned.
Currently most of the fighting is going on in Cefalu province as the 5th Legion is trying to take back control of the province. Lily's forces are popular with the locals though and this popularity has allowed them so far to avoid capture and even strike out in well timed ambushes although they have suffered heavy losses against the veteran legions. Lily herself remains in the fortress at Salemii expanding an improving on already strong fortifications. The Fortress (Level 7) is now one of the strongest forts north of the Adurian city of Bella.

[top]Important Figures

Regent: There are currently two rulers claiming to control Solontara. The first is Governor Tibearis (MAd; F1; Unblooded; Age 45), an overweight noble from Udine who was given control of Solontara six years ago. He spends most of his time in the capital, letting his generals fight the war for him while he enjoys himself and puts as much of the treasury as possible into his own pocket.
Lily Lucius (FAd; F3/T6; Unblooded; Age 27) is also claiming to run Solontara at the moment. She is the daughter of the last governor, a very popular man who was ordered killed by the Emperor. Five years ago when the latest war between Aduria and Nehalim began she decided to seize control of the realm and organized an army with money her father had borrowed from the treasury. The current governor was so unprepared for the attack that Lily took the fortified city of Salemii without any resistance and now runs her small empire from behind the tall walls of the city. Over the past five years she has spread her influence to take control of the province of Larcara and is now moving on Cefalu. If she succeeds she will have control of all the provinces west of the mountains and will be in a better position to defend against any attacks.
Lieutenants: General Harius (MAd; F14; Unblooded; Age 39) is in charge of the 5th legion forces in Solontara. One of the highest ranking generals in the 5th legion he was sent out by the Governor of Udine to calm the rebellion before the emperor finds out and sends an investigator to discover what is going on in the north. Since he arrived a year ago the Adurian forces in Solontara have won three out of four engagements and crushed half of the rebel force.
Jerine (FAd; F8; Unblooded; Age 26) is Lily's general. A young warrior she has been a part of the rebellion since it started. Unlike Lily though she is seeking independence for Solontara and wants to set up a new empire, dedicated to the worship of the sea goddess. She is a very devout worshiper and is usually found at the temple in Salemii when not out leading her troops.
Important NPCs: Harine Mortisium (FAd; Pr, Masela, 15; Unblooded; Age 48) leads the priestesses of Masela in Solontara. From her temple in Salemii she has expanded her influence to include most of Solontara. Currently she is fighting to remove the influence of the priests of Azari over the people of Solontara. She is not a supporter of the rebellion and makes her healers available to both sides in the conflict winning a position of neutrality otherwise unknown in the realm.
Loeren Ardeana (FA; Pr, Eloele, 7; Ba, minor, 14; Age 35) is a spy for the empire of Suakien. She came south with the intention of spreading the religion of the goddess of the night among the people of Solontara, and hopefully Aduria after that. She has yet to actually establish a temple, but has found herself caught up in the rebel cause and is currently working with Lily Lucius as her personal healer. She hopes to convert the young rebel over to Eloele and through her spread the worship of her goddess across Aduria.

[top]Plots and Rumors

Lily constantly plots against the governor, although she considers General Harius to be agreater threat. Rather than seeking to slay Harius Lily would rather convince him that she would make a far better governor than Tibearis and so win the realm at a stroke and clear her families name. To this end she strives to ensure that Harius hears of any misdeeds of Tibearis, and to ensure that a steady stream of such misdeeds occur through a variety of ploys.
Harius meanwhile is said by some to consider claiming rule himself and Tibaeris has come to hate and fear the gruff general greatly, even though he depends utterly on the general to prevent Lily from taking the throne for under him.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Solontara
Celafu (2/3)GT (2)UTA (1)--
LL(0)KTV (0)
Solontara (8/0)GT (6)UTA (4)UTC (6)-
LL(2)KTV (2)LL (2)
SPM (2)
Larcara (2/3)LL(2)SPM (2)LL (2)-
Salemi (5/0)*LL(5)*SPM (5)*LL (5)*-
Mistagata (5/2)GT (4)UTA (5)UTC (4)-
LL (1)SM (0)LL (1)-
Abbreviations: GT = Governor Tibearis; UTA = Udine Temple of Azari (Unknown); LL = Lily Lucius; KTV = Kiskum Temple of Vorynn (Terri the white); UTC = Udine Trading Consortium (Clavius Grapintus); SPM = Solontara priestesses of Masela (Harine Mortisium);

  • Law: In the east, along the coast the law is controlled by the appointed governor. Inland Lily Lucius and her rebels have taken control in many provinces.

  • Temples: The Udine Temple of Azari, and the Solontara temple of Masela fight for control of the temple in the province. The Kiskum Temple of Vorynn also control a few holdings.

  • Guilds: The Udine trading consortium and Lily's merchants control all of the available holdings in Solontara.

  • Sources: No wizards live in, or control sources in Solontara at the moment.

[top]Other Kiskum information

Regency Generated/Accumulated: 0/0
No blooded regent rules this lands so it generates no RPs.
Treasury: As part of the Adurian Empire, Solontara is expected to pay a tribute to the emperor each year, usually amounting to 20 GBs. This money is still paid every season despite the lack of taxes from the western provinces at the moment. As a result currently the treasury only holds 5 GBs.
The rebels rely on assistance from the people of the western provinces and have even less money to spare at the monent, with only 3 GB in their treasury..
Army: Both the Governor and the Rebels support large armies.
The Governor supports a force of 2 units of chariots, and also can call on a portion of the empires 5th legion which is based in Udine. 12 units from the 5th legion are currently fighting in Solontara, they include 5 swordsmen, 4 spearmen, 2 archers, and 1 mounted scouts. If the war with Nehalim was not going on then the Governor could call out nearly thirty more units, but these soldiers are currently fighting off in the west of the Empire.
The rebels have a smaller army of 4 spearmen, 3 archers, and 1 elite swordsmen. There army was once much large but recent loses have hit them hard. The rebel troops however have a better knowledge of the land than the Legionaries and so have managed to survive despite the larger army they are facing.
Solontara support only a single vessel, a large transport belonging to the Governor. Parts of the Adurian Navy can occasionally be found here though, searching for pirates or transporting goods and fresh troops to Solontara.
Allies: A part of the Adurian Empire, Solontara has the support of the Adurian legions. Other allies include Lindos to the north.
Enemies: Nehalim, Juh, and the Skissshar are all considered enemies of Solontara. None of these realms are currently capable of mounting an attack on the Protectorate though.
By Ian Hoskins, wiki'd by AndrewTall.

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