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Imperial democracy
Brenna (State religion); Vorynn

Metal goods.
Grains, wines, livestock
GB Income
x GB (Province x GB; Law x GB; Trade x; Rent x GB; Tribute x GB)
RP Income
x RP (Province x RP; Law x RP)
GB Expenses
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Acc. Regency
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Lindos has for many years been ruled by a hereditary king, but the civil war following the death of the last king led the kingdom's rulers to instead allow the people to elect their ruler. The current ruler, Orenist Lindos is the cousin of the last king. He has been elected for life, and has ruled for the last thirty years.

[top]Life and Society


[top]The Land



Aras is the in the far north-west of the republic. It is the most barren of Lindos's eight provinces actually little more than desert. Some farmers live in the south of the province, but only a few.


Dalidag lies in the south of Lindos. It is mainly covered with sweeping fields of grain and these farms produce vast quantities of food for export to the Adurian empire. Heavily used roads travel north to Darreh, and east to Wavecrest. There was also once a road to the south, but this has since been abandoned due to Kiskum closing its borders preventing trade.


Darreh to the east of Mor-Kiran is the center of the sheep farms of western Lindos. A large town in the middle of the province is the heart of the farming district and a road to Lindos in the east carries the produce to the city for transport to Aduria. The spinners and weavers of Darreh are noted for their skill and speed and the export of wool, cloths, tapestries and rugs makes the province surprisingly wealthy given its small population.


Hajji lies on Lindos's northern border. It is a heavily populated farming province and holds the most vineyards in all of Lindos. A road travels north through Hajji to Bir-Warqu and south to the city of Lindos.


Lindos is the capital province of Lindos. A large city of the same name sits above one of the best harbors in northern Aduria. Lindos receives the most rain in the whole republic and small rivers and streams flow across the land. Farming is common in the east of the province, while the west is covered with the estates of the Lindos merchants. Roads traveling in all directions carry goods to the city for transport to the south.


Mor-Kiran is on the western border of Lindos, south of Aras. It is a barren province unable to support much more than subsistence crop farming, although it has proven adequate for raising animals and many cattle and sheep farmers live in the province. There are no major towns here in the province, and farmers must go to Darreh to the east to sell their produce.


Mor-Salmas is similar to its twin province Mor-Kiran. It lies in the south-western corner of Lindos. Aside from the shepherds few live here, even the spinning of the wool they producet is done in more populated provinces.


Wavecrest is in the south-east of the republic. It, like Dalidag, is mainly a grain farming province. It has a high population however, like all three of Lindos's coastal provinces as many people live along the coast.


Lindos is built on what was once the lands belonging to the Vos tribe. When the Vos and the other tribes fled north the Adurian empire took control of the lands of the Vos and Lindos was one of the kingdoms that they founded. For the first thousand years or so the people of Lindos lived peacefully farming that fertile land of the east coast of Aduria. Then came the Skissshar invasion and many of the people of Lindos fled. Unlike Bir-Warqu to the north the people of Lindos were closer to Aduria and were thus prepared for the coming attack and able to flee back to the empire before the invasion came. Once the Skissshar were defeated many who of those had lived here returned. Among them was Falamius Lindos, who became the first king of Lindos. With the land now separate from the Adurian empire it developed slower than the empire, and even today supports a population not much more than what existed before the Skissshar invasion.


Fifty years ago following the death of the last king at the hands of an assassin a civil war broke out between Orenist Lindos and the government advisers who supported the baby son of the dead king - under their regency. The Advisers had been responsible for the death of the King and were attempting to take control through young prince. Orenist gained the support of the people and army of Lindos though and soon took control of the realm. He did not proclaim himself king however, instead holding an election for the leadership of Lindos which he won. Since that day the kingdom became the republic of Lindos with a president instead of a King. To bring it more in line with the Adurian Empire the new president created a senate to act as his advisors. Unlike the life-position of the president, senators are elected every five years, and (theoretically at least) hold the power to remove the president from office should it choose to do so.
Under the new political system, which is basically a copy of the government of the Adurian Empire, the republic has been very peaceful and so far no-one has complained.
Lindos is mainly a trading and farming nation. Made up of large stretches of grassland and barren plains it is good for herding animals, although not as good for growing crops. Vineyards also cover a large amount of the coastal landscape. With the Adurian Empire lying only a short sail to the south Lindos always has a hungry market for all of its goods. The Adurian empire imports vast amounts of food and other resources from other nations to maintains its high population so Lindos has a permanent market for its food. Because of this the relationship between Lindos and Aduria has become strong over the years and any invader may also find themselves up against the Adurian 5th Legion which is based in Solontara and Udine to the south.
Grains such as wheat and barley are common in eastern provinces of Lindos, and sheep and cattle are common in the more barren western provinces.

[top]Important Figures

Regent: Orenist Lindos (MAd; F2; Unblooded; Age 72) is the current president of Lindos. He came to power after the civil war following the death of the last king, his cousin. Now an old man he is still well loved by the people of Lindos and remains a popular ruler. The president of Lindos is elected for life through popular vote by all the land owners of Lindos. He is a very good politician and by taxing only the richer merchants and temples in his kingdom he keeps the people happy. Unfortunately at the moment there is no good replacement for him, so who will be chosen as the president to replace him is unknown.
Lieutenants: Inis Lindos (MAd; F5; Unblooded; Age 41), the president's son is also his only lieutenant. He serves as the general of the army, but is not well liked by the people. He is a skilled soldier however and does a good job as general. He is can usually be found in one of the eastern provinces patrolling the border to protect against raids by the nomads and monsters of the Adurian Wastes.
Important NPCs:

Malbork Koszalinski (MVo; Pr, Brenna, 12; Vo, minor, 13; Age 48) is the descendant of one of the few good aligned Vos to survive the battle at Mount Deismaar. His ancestors traveled south to the old lands once controlled by the Vos and have lived here ever since. As one of the very few blooded regents in Aduria he commands a lot of respect from the others. Since he founded the temple of Brenna ten years ago it has expanded to become the major religion in Lindos.
Petra Koszalinski (FVo; W2; Vo, minor, 8; Age 17) is his young daughter. Unlike her father she has chosen to become a wizard, a profession that is unknown in Lindos or the Empire of Aduria itself beyond legends of the dreaded Lost and similar evil folk. Using books she discovered buried deep in the city library which had been captured from the Skissshar she has slowly developed some minor magical skills. Her father has yet to find out about his daughters pastime, but is unlikely to approve.
Harn Jantone (MAd; T4; Unblooded; Age 56) is one of the richest men in northern Aduria. His guilds ship large amounts of wine and other agricultural goods south to the Adurian empire where they sell well. He currently maintains five large trade routes to Aduria, including two to the large northern cities of Udine and Bari. Lindos Trading is one of the oldest guilds in northern Aduria and has been handed down through the Jantone family since it was founded over five hundred years ago. The Jantone family has a large mansion outside the city of Lindos and even maintains its own small army of one unit of mounted scouts that is used to carry messages across Lindos. The soldiers are also part of the main Lindos army and can be used by the President should more soldiers be needed. Harn has a large treasury of over 30 GBs at the moment.

[top]Plots and Rumors


[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Lindos
Aras (0/5)OrL (0)NTB (0)LiT (0)
Dalidag (3/2)OrL (2)KTV (1)LiT (1)
NTB (0)
Darreh (3/2)OrL (1)NTB (2)LiT (2)
Hajji (5/1)OrL (3)NTB (5)LiT (5)
Lindos (6/1)OrL (6)*NTB (4)LiT (4)
KTV (2)UTC (2)
Mor-Kiran (1/4)*OrL (1)*NTB (1)LiT (1)
Mor-Salmas (1/4)*OrL (1)*NTB (0)LiT (0)
Wavecrest (4/2)OrL (3)KTV (3)LiT (2)PeK (2)
NTB (1)UTC (2)
Abbreviations: Orl = Orenist Lindos (President of Lindos); NTB = Northern Temple of Brenna (Malbork Koszalinski); LiT = Lindos Trading (Harn Jantone); KTV = Kiskum Temple of Vorynn (Terri the white); UTC = Udine Trading Consortium (Clavius Grapintus); PeK = Petra Koszalinski; * indicates a fortified province or holding;

  • Law: The current president controls all the law in Lindos. No other law holders are permitted. Any other law holdings are driven from the province.

  • Temples: The official religion of Lindos is Brenna, although the Kiskum temple of Vorynn also controls some temple holdings in the southern provinces.

  • Guilds: Harn Jantone, one of the richest men in northern Aduria control most of the guilds, although the Udine trading consortium holds two small holdings.

  • Sources: Petra Koszalinski controls one small source in southern Lindos.

[top]Other Lindos information

Regency Generated/Accumulated: 0/0
As Lindos is ruled by an unblooded regent it generates no RPs.
Treasury: A fairly rich kingdom, thanks to high taxes on guilds and temples inside its borders. Lindos currently has a treasury of 46 GBs and generates between 20 and 25 GBs each turn.
Army: Lindos supports a small army of 3 units of Spearmen, and two units of Elite Infantry. They have no navy except for the ships involved in the trade fleet, which currently consists of 3 large merchant ships, and 10 smaller vessels. These ships are hired to the Lindos Trading guild and other merchants needing transport.
Allies: Lindos is allied with the Empire of Aduria, Kiskum, and even Bir-Warqu in the north, and remains on good relations with almost every other nearby land, except the Adurian Wastes to the west.
Enemies: By forming an alliance with Aduria, Lindos has positioned itself as an enemy of Nehalim the large empire to the far west. Nehalim however is more concerned with destroying Aduria at the moment to try to invade Lindos. Relations with the old Solontara government is also poor, but good with the newly chosen Adurian Governor of Solontara
Originally written by Ian Hoskins as part of the Empires of Blood campaign

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