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Common knowledge is what anyone with the right skill or a Bardic check could know, further history is more of an Identify thing. It all boils down to flavor.

[top]Common knowledge

Magical armor made by the fey said to protect its wearer and bring them great luck. It is said in Dhoesone that Sir Nourn the Brave wears such a set of armor, given to him as a reward by a pixie queen for rescuing a bees nest from a hungry bear whilst shrunken to the size of a mouse.

[top]Further knowledge

The armor is of fey origin, as the fey prefer light armour most such armor is light but a few suits of heavier armor exist. Contrary to common superstition the armor does not so much bring good luck, as exaggerate the wearer's existing luck, so they are both very lucky and very unlucky - a wearer rarely has a quiet life. The armor does however retain some of the vitality of the sidhe forests though and so its wearer rapidly heals from harm.
Like many fey gifts if the armour is stolen it will not work for the thief or any subsequent owner - it must be given (willingly, although trickery can be used) or if found 'awakened' by the sidhe before its magic has effect.


The armor is finely crafted and of fey work. Most sets have seen heavy repair. Leaf/vine motifs on the armour are common.


The armor is usually +2 in strength, provides fast healing at a rate equal to two less than the source level of the province it is in (so in a province with source level 5 the armor provides fast healing 3), and has the odd luck effect noted.
Luck is partly a McGuffin for the GM (the fleeing princess will always try to hide in the PC's wagon) but could have game effects (say increased chance of critical fumbles and successes, ability to re-roll some dice each session as a 'luck roll of mayhem', whatever suits the campaign). Overall the luck should be positive - this is supposed to be a fairly positive magic item.

[top]Creation cost

Not creatable by non-fey characters.

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