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Legendary Items: Longsword of trouble seeking

Common knowledge is what anyone with the right skill or a Bardic check could know, further history is more of an Identify thing. It all boils down to flavor.

[top]Common knowledge

A magical sword made by the fey said to allow its wearer to seek out danger that it might be slain. It is said in Dhoesone that Sir Nourn the Brave bears such a blade, given to him as a present by a nymph with whom he dallied for a season as thanks for planting a dozen seeds of dryad oaks in secluded glens where they might grow unhindered.

[top]Further knowledge

The sword is of fey origin, made for a sidhe or human who amused them or agreed to perform some service in return for their blade being imbued with fey magic. The blade was made to allow a champion to find evil which threatened their charge, it does not however give any particular power against such evil.
Like many fey gifts if the blade is stolen it will not work for the thief or any subsequent owner - it must be given (willingly, although trickery can be used) or if found 'awakened' by the sidhe before its magic has effect.


The sword is clearly of ancient design but is still in perfect condition without a hint of rust or a single chip.


The most common blade is +2 in strength.
It's name comes from its detection ability. Once per a day per point of charisma bonus the sword can either locate object, locate person, or locate 'danger' - in each case the sword must be held out while the wielder spins, they come to rest with the blade pointing towards the desired thing.
Danger, it should be noted is subjective to the whim of the creator of the blade and so tends to follow 'fairy tale' laws - so a powerful undead or demon is 'danger', but so also might be a farmer burning forest to clear land, an brutal sheriff enforcing absolute obedience to the law, a cruel boy playing mean tricks, etc.

[top]Creation cost

Not creatable by non-fey characters.

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