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Unknown (Domain power: 11)

5 GB
10 RP


The Dark Obelisk is a mysterious Rjuvik cult attributed to an evil faction of Erik's druids, but in reality it represents the power of Adriala the Dark, a wizard in Rjuvik.

[top]The Land

Dark obelisks can be found anywhere in Rjuvik places where civilization has never reached before. Sometimes, much to the old Rjuviker's dismay, Such obelisks have been built where old temples of the Emerald Spiral where built, or inside one of their grooves. When a Rjuviker sees such obelisks he knows that he has entered the dark druids territory - better not mess around. Even goblins from the swamps fear them.

Such obelisks are really the arcane mark of Adriala and serve as symbols of power and focus for channeling the arcane source power of the earth.

Adriala has some secret labs inside the swamp of Dankmaar, while there are black obelisks around, the fort has banners with a stylised black obelisk on crimson background.

Despite having much more stronger sources elsewhere, Adriala has chosen Svarkannek as her base, as she has charmed the guildmaster, already a superstitious man, into subdue the guild and its gains to her will and needs.


The cult of the shadow Obelisk arrived a few years after Fulgar the bold usurped the throne from the previous king. Nobody knows what they do and what their agenda is.
Rjurik do not understand arcane magic, as it is not a part of their culture. They mistook Adriala as an arch-druidess and it did not help that she set her source holdings in place near previous temples and grooves, now fallen in ruin.

Only Fulgar knows the truth behind the obelisk, the jarls think of the obelisk as a druid cult and Adriala as an arch-druidess. Someone whispers that she is the White Witch herself, but those are just rumors spread by the way the Jarl of Svarkannek speaks of her.


Adriala keeps to herself for the most part, though she does regularly meet with Fulgar, pay a small tribute to the Eorls of the provinces in which her sources are located, and she usually appears at Fulgar's military battles. In order to keep the druids off balance, she encourages the rumors that she from a different plane of existence and that her mastery over the Shadow World is native. Sketa of Aandvjor, Jarlless of Aandvjor, has recently completed her apprenticeship with Adriala and returned to Aandvjor.

Adriala as managed to conquer the loyalty of Djarrik Vidarskeeper the guildmaster of Svarkannek. The guild provides the much needed gold for Adriala's experiment. This vassallage, unknown to Fulgar, is worth 1 GB every 2 turns.

The relationship with Qurad al-din is shaky at best: Sometimes they compete over sources or some rare magic ingredient, sometime they work in common to help Fulgar keep the Orogs of the Blood Skull Barony at bay. They have split for themselves Rjuvik and intend to keep it that way, and called a truce... for the time being.

Recently, Adriala has managed to promote one of her trainees as a lieutenant, Hertholf the stubborn. This Half elf true wizard is in charge on conducting weird experiments in their secret lab inside the swamps of Dankmaar, Where they are trying to breed a new race of troll imbued with the Seeming. Hertholf is also in charge of the obelisk during Adriala's journeys inside the Shadow World.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

  • There will be only one: Rumor is that the truce between the obelisk and the Undermålsrike. is going to end. Adriala may be planning a full scale war, or a high magic blood challenge. Each way, Rjuvik is going to suffer much more than it did with Fulgar ascending the throne. But what if it is Fulgar himself behind such rumors? The king may want to prevent an alliance between the wizards to keep the status quo.
  • Tu quoque: Rumor between the agents of the Dark is that Hertholf is tired of being just a lackey, and wants the power for himself. It that was the case, sealing away Adriala during one of her journeys into the Shadow world would probably be his best chance.
  • Missing presumed: Speaking of the shadow world, it's been a while since Adriala has show up in Rjuvik. Could it be that the Dark Druidess has finally met her ending in the shadow world? Could she have become a Zombire?
  • The experiment: In Namverg, Stjordvik, there are reports of missing cattle and persons. This has still be dismissed as bickery among the herdsmen, but Some say that goblins come in the night to kidnap people and bring them to a small military camp in the swamp of Dankmaar, where A banner with the dark obelisk flies. No one has returned to confirm or deny this.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Shadow Obelisk
Dankmaar,Rjuvik (0/8)---AD (3)
QD (3)
Hjarrsmark,Rjuvik (1/5)Hu (1)GB (1)Hu (1)AD (3)
Hoeskal,Rjuvik (1/5)Ar (0)-WW (1)AD (3)
Svarkannek,Rjuvik (2/4)FB (1)GB (2)Dj (1)AD (2)
Abbreviations: AD=Adriala the Dark (Shadow Obelisk) ; FB=Fulgar the Bold (Rjuvik; Ar=Arnor Sharpeye (Hoeskal); Hu=Hulak Ivarsson (Hjarrsmark); WW=White Witch; GB=Günther Brandt (Oaken Grove of Erik); QD=Qurad al-Din (Undermålsrike).

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