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The former jarl of Namverg, Huljim Namvik, called the Ironhanded, joined the jarls Olfjor and Guthrim to keep the crown weak and quiet. Huljim, unlike his ally Olfjor, was not a beloved eorl, but a hated one. He allowed the guilds a free hand to exploit the land as long as they rewarded him with a share of the additional profits. The nomadic tribe of Loddi took offence to the abuse of the gifts of Erik and began to create trouble for jarl Huljim. The old jarl attempted to suppress the Loddi by force, but that brought the whole province to rebellion. Huljim took refuge in his fortified town of Namvik, but the townspeople hated him as much as the peasants and tribesmen. A small band of citizens crept into his manor and killed the old eorl.
Today, Brand Fyrisson holds the office of Geardholder. As one of the assasins of old Huljim, it was Brand who was hailed as the new leader. It is the right of the king to appoint a new jarl, so the athing elected Brand as Geardholder instead. King Varri decided not to interfere. Otherwise, Namverg is a quiet community of farmers in a land of rolling hills and terraced fields. The major produce includes wheat, rye, flax, and cattle.

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